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If you’re planning on homeschooling (or unschooling for that matter or just interested in reading on the topic), or already doing it, you may be interested in the following pieces that I have found this week (even if they weren’t all written this week)… Starting with my own :)


Long Live the Bug!

I’m lucky to have a daughter who is absolutely, completely in love with bugs.  And not just pretty ones like butterflies or ladybugs, but all kinds.  Spiders, worms, millipedes, bees… if it flies or crawls and is small, she’s a fan.  She calls sow bugs her “friends” and has been known to collect worms in a big bowl to bring them inside to watch TV with her, watch her take a bath, and then sleep on the night side table, close enough to “hear” the bedtime stories we read.

Wanting to follow her natural love of bugs, I found myself stuck on how to do it in a way that actively engages her.  Knowing that children learn so much more by being involved in something, I know it’s my job as a parent to create ways for her to be eager to learn.  Although we have fabulous bug books at home that we read regularly, I know she’d learn so much more by being involved with the bugs she loves so much.

Enter the bug habitat.

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Science ABC’s, Sight Word Treasure Hunt, and Sunflowers – Preschool and Kindergarten Community

If you are looking for a different way to approach the alphabet with your kids, check out the Alphabet in Simple Science that Memorizing the Moments is working on. So far she has shared the letters A through D – what a FUN idea!

During a study of the letter D, There’s Just One Mommy pulled out the bottle cap letters and had the dump trucks carry off letters to make different words.

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The World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers

Boring, unathletic, antisocial, fashion-challenged, politically retrograde, culturally backward, religiously extreme…the list of homeschooler stereotypes is seemingly endless and almost entirely negative. Homeschoolers can be found in any state – but as our list of the world’s 15 most extraordinary homeschoolers shows, the homeschooling population is extraordinarily diverse, defying every attempt to shoehorn them into a single mold. The homeschoolers on this list are geniuses and jocks, conservatives and progressives, fundamentalists and hippies, scientists and artists. They are rural and urban, American and international, abled and disabled, black, white, Asian and multiracial.

While not everyone on this list enjoys the same degree of fame or notoriety, each possesses characteristics and talents that cause them to stand out in the world and in some way challenge the stereotypical images of homeschoolers that continue to dominate the public imagination.

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It Only Takes About 42 Minutes to Learn Algebra with Video Games

On average, it took 41 minutes and 44 seconds for students to master Algebra skills during the Washington State Algebra Challenge using the DragonBox App.

The Challenge, co-sponsored by Washington University’s Center for Game Science and the Technology Alliance included 4,192 K-12 students. Together, they solved 390,935 equations over the course of 5 days in early June. According to the Challenge’s calculations, that’s 6 months, 28 days, and 2 hours’ worth of algebra work.

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