Mythbusting Sleep Training Claims, Science-Style

With all the statements being made by so many about sleep training, most to get parents to get on board, parents should know that most of these statements are myths, not backed by science.

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Why Punishment Doesn’t Work

Lots of people still maintain that punishment is necessary is raising children. Here is why it isn't.

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Why Listening to Other Parents On Your Child’s Sleep is Often A Complete Waste of Your Time

Sick of having other people tell you what you should be doing with respect to your child and their sleep? Here are some scientifically-backed reasons why you can safely ignore them.

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Dispelling Common Circumcision Myths

There's lots of misinformation out there when it comes to male circumcision and we owe it to our boys to dispel these myths and work for change.

By | November 15th, 2018|1 Comment

Evolutionary Mismatch: Is This the Missing Piece to So Many Modern Parenting Problems?

Could the root of many of our parenting woes lie in the evolutionary mismatch theory? New research looking at one example makes a strong case for this.

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Fussy Babies and Later Mental Health Problems: A Discussion

New research suggests that extremely unsettled babies have a much higher risk of mental health problems in childhood. The question is now what we do with this, and I have a few ideas.

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