Welcome to Part Three of Bedsharing Siblings (you can see Part One here and Part Two here).  Before we begin, I share the same caveat that all of these families bedshare safely and that although some pictures may seem unsafe, they are with parents standing by and watching over at this moment 🙂  Enjoy!


I want to be JUST like my older sister! At all times…

3… 2… 1… We have a winner!


I gotcha buddy!


What do you bet she’s dreaming about driving and stopping the car and then having to throw her hand out to protect her passenger?

heather 1

Synchronized sleeping. With matching costumes and all :)

heather 2

Rock, paper, scissors with legs. Scissors wins.


Trick or treat, smell my feet…


Who needs a pillow when you’ve got a brother?


This is how you tango and sleep at the same time.

image (2)

I. need. to. get. closer…


I will hug you and love you and tickle you. All while we sleep.


I don’t understand why sleep smells so bad…

kate 1

Beauty sleep and all the blankets: Two points for the sister.

kate 2

Stealing the eye mask without her knowing: Two points for the brother.

michelle 2

Dad is sprouting children!

2013-10-12 00.02.59

You know that baby has the arm ready in case the older one tries to invade his space… that’s a high alert baby!

michelle 1

Like all babies, this one has made sure to claim more room than any baby has any right to.


Is anyone else fearful of the two beds separating and the bottom girl just falling straight down? No? Just me? Okay then.

kate 3

You know the dream of lying on the beach is good when you don’t move even though someone has rolled onto one of your arms.

yendi 2

Mini-mes are the cutest aren’t they?

shelbi 3

Seriously – who has kids that actually stay vertical???

yendi 1

Because everyone needs a good kick in the ass now and again ;)


Babies are so warm, aren’t they? Just proof that we all want to cuddle with them :)

shelbi 1

So is the little one trying to cuddle or subtly push his brother off the bed?