Welcome to Part Four of Bedsharing Siblings (you can see Part One herePart Two here, and Part Three here).  Before we begin, I share the same caveat that all of these families bedshare safely and that although some pictures may seem unsafe, they are with parents standing by and watching over at this moment 🙂  Enjoy!


Is left or right to unscrew a head?


The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of cannonballs danced in their heads…


You know your tired when you can’t even make it up to lie down.

“I had the strangest dream that someone was following me…”

Feb 26, 2012 (8)

“And then I had it again!”


It’s simple really: If you take all the blankets, I use you as a pillow. Fair, right?


It’s always good to practice your “Oh my!” face in your sleep…


I’m not sure they’re actually sleeping, but they’re darn cute anyway :)

photo (2)

Sometimes the pieces just fit together perfectly.

photo (3)

Whoever said boys can’t be nurturing, gentle, and caring is an idiot! Here is picture proof of that.


I swear the wee one thinks he’s the older one – just look at the way he’s trying to hold his brother!


I can’t tell if he’s sleeping or she managed to knock him out ;)

image (3)

It’s like the little one has narcolepsy and just happened to fall asleep right there. Because that can’t be comfortable!

photo (6)

Even in sleep, she’s making sure he’s an arm’s length away!

photo (5)

Simon says… roll to your left!

image (1)

Sometimes older sisters are just as cuddly and awesome as mom…

photo (4)

… And sometimes you want to punch them in the face ;)


Put your hands in the air! Wave ’em around like you just don’t care!

photo 2

Proof that you don’t even need a baby for siblings to actually show they care :)

image (2)

This has to be one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. Not only are they adorable, but just look at it! I’m in awe :)