We’ve seen some incredibly cute and funny pictures around the internet of parents and their babies bedsharing, but what about when siblings bedshare?   I asked that very question on EP on Facebook and got some amazing photos to go with it.

I must first say that some of the images LOOK unsafe.  If these were positions families were in all night, they would be.  However, ALL the images with young infants are all examples of older siblings insisting on caring for their younger sibling all with a parent (or parents) keeping a watchful eye (and moving them apart when parents went to sleep or left the room).  How else do you think they got the picture??  These are NOT examples of families leaving their children to sleep unsafely.

When we think of how close and intimate sleep is (see here), I can’t help but feel such warmth for these siblings who have each other.  They probably fight some days (like any other sibling pair), but at night, when their defenses are down, you can truly see the love they feel for each other by the closeness they seek.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Without further delay, I present to you, a collection of bedsharing siblings 🙂  (Note that if you send pictures I can and will update this!)

[Note: To protect privacy, no names are used.]

pamela jones

Seriously, could these two be any cuter??

michelle boettcher

Now here’s a dad who has learned to sleep through anything!

lindsey quellhorst

In a society that pushes hyper-masculinity, this image just seems so perfect to counter that.

kellie castle

Anyone else wondering where mom goes here???

erin wallman

There’s nothing quite like having an older sibling to protect you.

tracy franklin 2 (1)

I can’t seem to get this to rotate so we’ll just have to pretend they’re spidy-kids.

emma hyett

I just love the hand on the back – so loving.

diana hitches

Hugs while you sleep. Brilliant way to make sure you get enough per day!

amy s-g 2

Um, mom? I need to pee… What do I do?
(Haven’t we all been there?)

amy s-g

Ah – that’s better!

claire freemantle

All I can think of are night farts… apparently I need to grow up!

claire freemantle 2

How awesomely compact are these kids? My one is horizontal in bed most of the time and insists on having one leg on me. She needs lessons from these guys!

claire freemantle 3

Ok, at least they aren’t so compact all the time. Makes me feel a little better 😉

aimee 1

This may be the first picture I’ve seen with a parent who actually got some cover too and no foot in the face!

aimee 2

You know the little guy is dreaming about being able to use his hands well enough to get that finger out of his ear…

joy b

If I keep my eyes closed, will they believe I didn’t push her off the bed?

kate s

Where’s the boob? What’s this elbow doing here?

katherine 1

Nose kisses and sleep… is there anything better?

kimberly 1

You are so much more comfortable than the pillow.

kimberly 2

When do I get my arm back???

laura 2

Future synchronized swimmers.


The first one to fall is out…

sarah s

Must. Have. All. Covers. Now.


You can see Part 2 here 🙂