*New*Save Veronica

This is the story of a little girl who was adopted out to a loving family. Her father abandoned the mother prior to birth and at least verbally gave up his parental rights (legally they were removed when he abandoned mom during pregnancy and had nothing to do with her prenatal well-being). However, after Veronica had bonded with her new family, her father decided he wanted her and because he has a small amount of Cherokee blood, a specific act allowed the court to overturn the abandonment charges and this little girl was immediately removed from the only home she’d known and driven over 1,000 miles away.

To read more about this case and what you can do, go here:

Save Veronica

*New*Facebook Breastfeeding Petition

If you were unaware, facebook has been taking an active stance against breastfeeding pictures on their site, claiming it’s part of their decency or nudity clauses. Many women have had account blocked, suspended, removed for posting pictures of themselves breastfeeding their child.

Respect the Breast has created a petition to get a lawsuit going against Facebook. The argument? Facebook is a business and in 45 states in the US (and many other countries), women can publicly breastfeed, even in businesses. The belief is that Facebook should have to adhere to those standards as well. Sign and show your support!

Sign Petition Here


Protection for Breastfeeding Mothers

A couple wonderful mothers started a petition to enact change in the state of Georgia to protect mothers who breastfeed in public or private areas where mothers and babies are allowed to be. You can sign no matter where you’re from so please go check this out.

Sign Petition Here


Milwaukee Safe Sleep for Your Baby Petitions

As some of you may be aware, the city of Milwaukee has started a campaign to reduce infant SIDS-related deaths. To do this, they have designed posters of a baby sleeping in an adult bed with a butcher knife next to him. Charming and oh-so-accurate, right? In response to this, a couple Change.org petitions have started which you can sign to tell the Governor and Health Commissioner to stop with the fear-mongering and instead focus on providing families with real information about the benefits and risks associated with bedsharing.

Petition One

Petition Two

You can also download an open letter here and add your information to mail to the Health Commissioner of Milwaukee.

If you would like more information on Co-sleeping, please check out the Sleep section for research pertaining to breastfeeding, SIDS, independence, and more.


Let Girls Be Girls Campaign

Mumsnet set up a campaign to ask retailers to remove items that sexualize young girls. Some retailers oblige, but obviously it’s more likely to happen when parents serve as watchdogs and report those retailers who have “slipped up” and let something obscene be targeted to young girls (like the crotchless panties for 7-year-olds). What’s worth noting is that mumsnet is a UK website and their focus is on UK retailers; however, I think we should just take that as a cue to start one for North America (any takers)? Take a look and start thinking about what you see targeting to young boys and girls next time you go shopping!


If you feel there is a cause that isn’t represented here, but should be, please send me the information (link included) via the form below and I will review it and post it if appropriate.

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