Acute Stress Affects Cognition in Infancy

New research examines the effects of acute stress on cognitive functions in infants. Contrary to the idea that "a bit of stress is good for them", this research finds that stress inhibits flexible thinking.

Daycare and Cortisol Levels: What Does This Tell Us?

New research looks at cortisol patterns in infants, toddlers, and children as they adapt to new daycare situations. The findings aren't encouraging, but should be considered in the larger framework of research on child care.

Who is Raising The Kids? (And Why We Should Care)

According to Statistics Canada, parents are spending less than 3 hours a day on direct child care and 5 hours a day on child care when including doing other things. Yet parents argue that daycare providers aren't really alloparents. What does this mean for quality of care?

Guest Post: An Open Letter on Child Care

This letter appeared in my inbox the other day and I thought it was so wonderful I asked if I could share it. I have worked in daycares and as a nanny and I've seen some of the things Helen speaks of. It is so important that we understand how the care we provide for our children either ourselves or via others will impact them for their entire life. This is a beautiful reminder of that.

4 Steps to Help with Baby’s Transition to a New Caregiver

Transitioning to a new caregiver can be hard for everyone involved. If you have the time to transition slowly, these four steps can help avoid dreaded crying fits when you leave and help your child remain secure and comfortable.

Parenting, Work, and the Spoiled Baby

Recently I was lead to a piece written by Katha Pollitt who claims that Attachment Parenting is bad not only for women, but for children too. Her evidence? Well, none.