Educating the Experts – Lesson Six: The “Newborn Sleep Problem”

Apparently babies being babies is a "problem". We must fix this or we'll have raging brats running rampant. Oddly this idea doesn't seem to fit with the rest of human history. Or science.

The Problem with the One-Size Fits All Solution

Most "expert" bits of advice rely upon the assumption that what works for one baby will work for all... Yeah, right.

Educating the Experts – Lesson Five: Schedules

Knowing how your day will generally go is harmless. But when parents start trying to dictate their days down to the hours, regardless of whether this was “guided by baby” or set up by someone else, we start to see problems, and it should be no surprise – babies aren’t meetings or appointments, they’re people.

Educating the Experts – Lesson Four: Self-Soothing

“What a child doesn’t receive he can seldom later give.” - P.D. James

Educating the Experts – Lesson Three: Touch

In this lesson, I hope to outline for you the myriad ways in which touch affects our lives and why any advice that promotes a reduction in touch isn’t serving to help our children at all.

Educating the Experts – Lesson Two: Needs

Have you ever been fed, clothed, and dry and still been sad? Or scared? Or simply felt the need for human contact? If you answered no, you are either a psychopath or lying.

Educating the Experts – Lesson One: Crying

You call yourselves “baby whisperers” and “experts” on how to get babies to sleep and though you write books telling parents exactly how to care for their children, it seems as though you all require a bit of a brush up on your education.