Your Child Will Never…

I have been told by many about all the things my daughter will supposedly never do. From family, friends, and complete strangers. Everyone has an opinion and rarely is it positive.

Five Reasons to Wear Your Baby

Though some might argue that there’s no difference, or that our modern inventions are more convenient, I would like to argue that there are actually good reasons to wear your baby. So here I present what I believe to be are five of the best reasons to wear your baby…

My Unexpected Consequence of Babywearing

It was spring – April or May – and I was out for a walk with my daughter to the grocery store. We passed by a house when I noticed it.

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

One of the simplest yet most effective aspects of Evolutionary Parenting is baby wearing. I’m also pleased to say it’s one of the ones making a rather large comeback after years of a stroller monopoly.