Chemicals Found in Breast Milk: Is It Enough to Negate the “Benefits”?

More backlash against breastfeeding hits the news with a study looking at contaminants in breast milk. Should we really reconsider promoting breastfeeding? Could formula be superior?

Elimination Diets: Food Sensitivities in the Breastfed Baby

The idea of an "elimination diet" scares many women and prevents them from making changes that can make their and their baby's lives much easier. However, it doesn't have to be forever or all bad and here is some advice on how to approach it and what you may get out of it.

New Research Supports Including Evolutionary Breastfeeding in Health Comparisons

Two new pieces of research support the idea that we need to be including evolutionary breastfeeding when looking at feeding outcomes. Without that, we fail to get the whole picture.

Understanding the Important Relationship Between Sleep and Feeding Method

Two new pieces of research highlight the intricate relationship between feeding method and sleep in infants, notably how parents perceive their child's sleep. Importantly, there are implications for the idea of building "bad habits" and sleep training.

The Role of Early Diagnosis of Tongue-Ties on Breastfeeding Success

A sizeable number of infants are born with a tongue-tie which can negatively affect breastfeeding. Research shows the importance of identifying and releasing tongue-ties early to aid in breastfeeding success.

Breastfeeding and Childhood Leukemia

A new meta-analysis confirms previous ones finding a relationship between a reduced risk for childhood leukemia and breastfeeding. So why is there such a fuss?

Formula Privilege: Why It Needs to be Acknowledged

There is (rightfully) a lot of talk of breastfeeding privilege, but less discussed (if discussed at all) is formula privilege. Yet it's vital that families are aware of this in order to help change things for all families.

The Problem With Breastfeeding Research That No One is Talking About

If you're a mom, you've probably been treated to many articles that set out to dismiss breastfeeding research as flawed. Here I want to talk about one of the flaws in breastfeeding research that has received virtually no attention yet has a great impact on our understanding of this biological process.

Epigenetics and Breastfeeding

We're learning more about the role of epigenetics in our lives and new research highlights the very real role epigenetics has on our breastfeeding journeys as well as having implications for breast cancer.

Research Highlights Long-Term “Benefits” of Breastfeeding and Internet Goes Crazy

New research is out touting the long-term "benefits" of breastfeeding so of course the Internet explodes with people complaining. I thought I'd tackle some of those comments and concerns in this particular bit of research.