The Problem With Breastfeeding Research That No One is Talking About

If you're a mom, you've probably been treated to many articles that set out to dismiss breastfeeding research as flawed. Here I want to talk about one of the flaws in breastfeeding research that has received virtually no attention yet has a great impact on our understanding of this biological process.

Epigenetics and Breastfeeding

We're learning more about the role of epigenetics in our lives and new research highlights the very real role epigenetics has on our breastfeeding journeys as well as having implications for breast cancer.

Research Highlights Long-Term “Benefits” of Breastfeeding and Internet Goes Crazy

New research is out touting the long-term "benefits" of breastfeeding so of course the Internet explodes with people complaining. I thought I'd tackle some of those comments and concerns in this particular bit of research.

That Similac Ad (You Know the One)

The new Similac ad has people praising it's "message". I disagreed and my reasons for disagreeing proved the point I was trying to make. Well done Similac, the media mommy wars have been perpetuated.

Bedsharing and Formula Feeding

Is it fair to have a blanket statement that formula feeding families cannot bedshare? Do the benefits of bedsharing require us to consider a more nuanced message? What does the research tell us?

What Does It Take For Breastfeeding Success?

I can admit my privilege when it comes to breastfeeding. But what is this privilege and what do we need to do to ensure all women have it?

Does the “Breastfeeding Contract” Shame Mothers?

A "breastfeeding contract" in BC has hit the news, claiming it shames mothers and increases anxiety. Is it a fair assessment of an information tool?

It’s Not “Just Feed Your Baby”: Why Breastfeeding Discourse Matters

World Breastfeeding Week is gone, but it managed to highlight the anger towards breastfeeding advocates by those who don't breastfeed who are calling to end the discussions of breastfeeding. But breastfeeding discussion must continue and here's why...

The Role of Breastfeeding in Self-Regulation

The ability to self-regulate or show delay of gratification is linked to many positive outcomes later in life; interestingly, one of the earlier predictors of this ability is breastfeeding.

A Response to Gina Ford’s “Golden Rules”

The Daily Mail summarized Gina Ford's 8 Golden Rules in one of their pieces. I'd like to discuss them all one by one in hopes of showing how these rules need to be amended.