Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

If you're going to call out your child for doing what we do all the time, shouldn't we also call ourselves out?

My Attached Child is Not a Bratty Hooligan: Part 2

A continuation of the discussion about how permissive parenting is NOT attachment parenting. In turn, our attached children will not be sitting in our basement at 30 with no job and no goals.

My Attached Child is Not a Bratty Hooligan: Part 1

I do evolutionary parenting. Apparently that means my daughter will be a horrid brat no one wants to be around. But is that really the case? Am I screwing my daughter for life?

Abuse and Parenting

What you’ll read herein is not meant to be a condemnation of any parent who utilizes some of these methods, but rather an examination of certain parenting characteristics that are rather new to society (evolutionarily speaking) that have been empirically associated with a heightened risk of child maltreatment.

Guest Post: A Monster or a Monstrous Act?

It's horribly important to talk to your kids in an age appropriate manner, about bad touches and bad secrets, but that's not enough. My parents did that, and did it very well... Most victims don't tell because they are afraid, afraid of the consequences of telling.