Guest Post: How Unschoolers Learn

Guest Writer Emma Marie Forde, DClinPsych examines the way in which unschooling fosters learning.

Does Formal Education Make You Smarter?

There's an innate assumption in our society that formal education makes us smarter. Some recent research raises questions about this assumption and thus raises questions about what education should look like.

Guest Post: The “Secret Sauce” for Peaceful Communities

We let kids stay up late, hang out with whomever they want, and do whatever they want, as long as they aren’t harming themselves or others. So why don’t they “push the limits,” and harm one another? I’ll explain.

Praise and Parenting

Do you praise? Can you imagine not praising your child? Here's the research on the effects of praise on our children and why we may want to reconsider how we try to build up our kids' self-worth.

Homeschooling: Reasons and Misconceptions

Homeschooling is something that gets mixed reviews when I bring up that we plan on it for our daughter. Whereas most people we know are actually quite supportive, there are those that seem to truly believe that parents are not competent to teach their children.

The Biggest Mistake in Modern Education?

Sometimes I ponder the state of education and wonder how we got to where we are today. When I think of modern education I think we made one crucial mistake and that fixing this mistake could change how children learn and love to learn.

Guest Post: Judgy Babies (Or How Babies Learn)

Babies learn. They may not learn like certain "experts" claim, but learn they do. This guest post from Dr. Patricia Brosseau-Liard covers the research to date on what we know of how infants and young children learn. Practical implications? That's up to you!

How Children Learn

Understanding the cues and heuristics our children use to learn is important and I review it here. Knowing how our children learn can help us become better teachers.