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Our society – heck, all societies – have their ideas about how to raise children.  I can go to a bookstore here in Vancouver and find hundreds of books on parenting.  From sleep to feeding to schedules to discipline to all-around philosophies based on someone’s observations of the world, you name it, it’s probably there.  The question I have to ask is: What good does it do us? … [Read more...]

The Value We Place on Boys and Girls


By Tracy G. Cassels I am one who does not believe men and women are interchangeable.  I believe that we have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and often they complement each other.  Not necessarily in relationships (though they can and do, obviously), but in our society.  We need both not just for survival, but to make the best of the world around us.  I always struggle … [Read more...]

Bedsharing in Australia: Scare Mongering versus Reality

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By Tracy G. Cassels Many Australians woke this morning to scare mongering about bedsharing thanks to articles in their papers.  Claims that 25 babies died in the parental bed last year have led people to declare that bedsharing should be illegal.  Some people are being investigated for it as it is not seemingly okay to report it to Child Services (I kid you not).  It's hard … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Biting and Sleeping Alone


I need some advice on biting. My little guy is 11 months old and has 8 teeth that he loves to use. He bites everything. He bit the leather off our couch, he bites all of his toys, the rail on his crib, and most unfortunately people. He actually drew blood on my mom’s arm. People have started telling me that I need to bite him back which is absolutely not an option, but I could … [Read more...]

Homeschooling, Abuse, and the Law


By Tracy G. Cassels There is a bill underway in Ohio in memory of a 14-year-old boy who was killed by his mother’s abusive boyfriend.  His abuse had been documented, Child Protective Services notified, and nothing done.  His mother eventually removed him from school to hide the abuse and he was killed.  It is a story that should never have happened.  It is a story of … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Sleep Questions and a Video


I've read all your sleep related articles, but am still at a loss for my 22 month son. Nap time is a breeze.  We have a play pen in the living room, and I make him a bottle, lay him down, and he will quietly lay there and fall asleep. Hardly ever any fuss. Bed time is completely different! I do the exact same thing every night. Make him a bottle, walk him upstairs to my room … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Twins, Toddler Discipline, and Sibling Bedsharing


Hi there, I love your posts, everything I exactly need! I’m new to the group and love the calm, relax approach to parenting....but how do you do it with twins? I have 7 months old twins and am desperate for some advice on co sleeping , breastfeeding twins at night. I am exhausted, tried so many books, even Gina ford (I know... ). Thanks!  I cosleep & breastfeed my … [Read more...]

Guest Post: One Dad on Being There

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By Kurt W. Kroeck It seems appropriate, somehow, to be writing this just 5 days before my son Thomas turns a year old.  I know that there’s a lot of buzz on the internet about different parenting issues, concerns, and styles. I also know that when my partner Holly and I talked about how we were going to do things, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the things she planned. When … [Read more...]

I Thank These People


Since going public asking people to help keep EP going (you can read the whole story here), I admit I feared no one would do anything.  It would have sucked and I would have survived, but I would have re-evaluated.  To my surprise, people did care and did donate and so I would like to put their first name and initial here so that if you cannot donate but appreciate EP … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Bedtimes, Routines, and Consequences


I'm wondering if any parents out there have a later 'bedtime' for their lo? My lg is 5 months and generally sleeps from 7pm-6am (if I'm lucky). I'm wondering if any parents make it work for their family by having the bedtime around 10 and then getting a few spare hours in the morning for chores etc? Any downsides? Thanks. I think whatever works! My kids go to sleep about … [Read more...]