Ask EP: Biting and Sleeping Alone


I need some advice on biting. My little guy is 11 months old and has 8 teeth that he loves to use. He bites everything. He bit the leather off our couch, he bites all of his toys, the rail on his crib, and most unfortunately people. He actually drew blood on my mom’s arm. People have started telling me that I need to bite him back which is absolutely not an option, but I could … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Sleep Questions and a Video


I've read all your sleep related articles, but am still at a loss for my 22 month son. Nap time is a breeze.  We have a play pen in the living room, and I make him a bottle, lay him down, and he will quietly lay there and fall asleep. Hardly ever any fuss. Bed time is completely different! I do the exact same thing every night. Make him a bottle, walk him upstairs to my room … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Twins, Toddler Discipline, and Sibling Bedsharing


Hi there, I love your posts, everything I exactly need! I’m new to the group and love the calm, relax approach to parenting....but how do you do it with twins? I have 7 months old twins and am desperate for some advice on co sleeping , breastfeeding twins at night. I am exhausted, tried so many books, even Gina ford (I know... ). Thanks!  I cosleep & breastfeed my … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Bedtimes, Routines, and Consequences


I'm wondering if any parents out there have a later 'bedtime' for their lo? My lg is 5 months and generally sleeps from 7pm-6am (if I'm lucky). I'm wondering if any parents make it work for their family by having the bedtime around 10 and then getting a few spare hours in the morning for chores etc? Any downsides? Thanks. I think whatever works! My kids go to sleep about … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Naps, Co-sleepers, and Toys


We get a lot of questions on Facebook from readers and as we no longer post them, but rather generalize some but just focus on answering specifically to others, we will be sharing some of these questions weekly so everyone can read them.  If you have other answers you’d like to share, please feel free to comment below! *** Hi I'm loving all the posts/information, my first … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Mother-Infant Responses

Ask EP

Q:  Any articles you can recommend on maternal nervous system response? When my little guy cries I feel like I can't hear anything else and like my skin is on fire until I get to him. Love to somehow explain this to my partner. -          Christine S. A:  What you’re referring to is the beginning (or later) stages of mother-infant synchrony.  It’s a very common phenomenon … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Sunscreen Use in Children

Ask EP

Q:  We’re going away to the Caribbean with our 2 year old and I want to know if it’s safe to use sunscreen on him.  I was told that sunscreen has been linked with an increase in cancer, but also know of the very strong link between sun and types of skin cancer.  Which is it? -          Brian L. A:  First let me say that you are not alone in worrying about sunscreen.  Many … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Gestational Diabetes

Ask EP

Q:  Hiya, can I ask what your views are on gestational diabetes (GD), and routine as opposed to symptom based testing of? Sorry it’s a bit random, I am just desperately trying to find different views, I have 1 team telling me it is life threatening to both baby & mum and everybody ought to have a test, and one side telling me its harmless and mostly made up and there is no … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Independent Sleep

Ask EP

Q:  My 4 month old won’t nap unless I'm holding him. I’ve tried laying down with him for a bit but the longest he sleeps alone is 10 minutes and once he’s awake, he won't go back to sleep even if I rock him or hold him. Most days I just rest with him, but I would like to be able to get some house work done. We co-sleep at night. Any advice? Any thoughts on the book "the no cry … [Read more...]

Ask EP: Pacifiers and SIDS

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Q:  I cant seem to find any good information on the pros/cons of early pacifier use for SIDS protection against BF'ing statistics for SIDS. The google search screams SIDS fearmongering and pro-pacifier. I'm looking for numbers and a more detailed explanation. Thanks! [Additional comments after links were sent: Thank you for the links! Okay, so my confusion comes during the … [Read more...]