Guest Post: One Dad on Being There

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By Kurt W. Kroeck It seems appropriate, somehow, to be writing this just 5 days before my son Thomas turns a year old.  I know that there’s a lot of buzz on the internet about different parenting issues, concerns, and styles. I also know that when my partner Holly and I talked about how we were going to do things, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the things she planned. When … [Read more...]

Testicles, Testosterone, and Paternal Involvement

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By Tracy G. Cassels Sometimes there’s research that sounds so ridiculous you have to cover it.  Especially when you realize that it’s not so completely ridiculous, and in fact, there may even be some evolutionary theory to it.  Enter the research that came out this week – and was picked up by several news stations – linking the size of men’s testicles to the degree of … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Losing the Stigma Around Fostering


Losing the Stigma around Fostering Fostering and the world of children in care can be viewed as a complicated subject. People invent red tape because they are unsure about the stipulations around who can be a foster parent, which means there are less people fostering than there could be, and we don’t need to discuss the positive effects of having homes available to … [Read more...]

The Importance of Partner Support

Source: "Murphy Brown"

Note: This piece was originally posted back in 2011 but I have updated it and edited it to repost now because I feel it's just as important now as it was then but needed a little updating! If you’re old enough to remember the 80s and early 90s, you’ll probably remember the hoopla over single mothers and how awful they were.  It seemed to come to a head with Murphy Brown, a … [Read more...]

Abuse and Parenting

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Child abuse by parents is a tricky topic to discuss for all parents, one we’d like to all avoid if possible, but one that should never be avoided because of its importance.  Luckily, abuse is still something that occurs in the minority of cases, and even families with lots of risk factors for abuse won’t abuse or neglect their child.  Evolutionarily speaking, we’re not supposed … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Crying-It-Out


To read this article in Spanish, click here. Lately there’s been a fair amount of talk surrounding Crying-It-Out (CIO).  After a piece was published on one woman’s admittance to doing CIO with her kids, others came forward to talk about how they too did it out of desperation.  A lack of sleep, no social support, and a screaming baby are usually enough to send most moms (or … [Read more...]

The Deal With Daycare


Daycare: a word that tends to strike fear in the heart of most parents.  The idea of passing up your baby, infant, toddler, or child to someone else to take care of stresses almost every parent out to some degree or another.  After all, you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger on the street and hand over your child, would you?  And while daycare is qualitatively different than that … [Read more...]

Where did all the communities go?


I grew up in what I have since learned is a rather remarkable and unique situation.  I was born in downtown Toronto in my house by a midwife in the late 70s.  My mom was involved in fighting for women’s rights to choose how and where they want to give birth and so even though it wasn’t actually legal for her to give birth at home for all three of her kids, she managed to do it … [Read more...]

Unhappy Parents: What’s Gives?

Unhappy Parents: What’s Gives?

I was recently told about a girl I know who had her baby two months ago and is back at school (getting her Ph.D.).  Not because she has to be—she lives in Canada and has a full year available to her, and with her scholarship she could have taken a total of 5 months off with full pay—but rather because she was “itching” to return.  Itching not because she loved school (although … [Read more...]