I Welcome You to the Mommy Wars

I shared something personal on Facebook, something that could bring out the Mommy Wars in full force. And guess what happened...

Being a “Good Samaritan”: Kids in Cars

Parents are being arrested for running into the store for 5 minutes and deciding to leave their child in the car. Is this really the society we've become? Instead of looking out for the child, we call 911 and have the parent arrested?

That Similac Ad (You Know the One)

The new Similac ad has people praising it's "message". I disagreed and my reasons for disagreeing proved the point I was trying to make. Well done Similac, the media mommy wars have been perpetuated.

Guest Post: Six things you may not know about the Foster Care Process

I'm sure I'm not alone in considering fostering at some point in my life. However, so few things are known about it that I was pleased to have this guest post written about some things to know before embarking on fostering.

It’s Not About You

Often people talk about how they are made to feel "guilty" by mothers who share their successful breastfeeding or birthing stories. Here's the other side to that coin.

Supporting Moms: Tell Me What I Want To Hear?

Shouldn’t we all support each other? Hmmm… well, no. Not that I don’t think we don’t offer support to any parent who asks for advice moving forward, but do we give carte blanche to all actions? Absolutely not. Or at least absolutely not for me.

Testicles, Testosterone, and Paternal Involvement

The findings that made the news were boiled down to the idea that men with smaller testicles make better, or more involved, fathers. But do smaller balls = better fathers?

Guest Post: Losing the Stigma Around Fostering

Have you ever considered fostering? This guest post can provide information and bust some of the common myths surrounding foster children and placement. All children deserve a loving home, even temporarily.

Room for Judgment

Lately I have heard “Stop judging” far more frequently than I like. The idea behind it is that judgment is bad; that we judge actions and people when we shouldn’t, especially moms. But here’s the thing: Judgment is how we live.

The Importance of Partner Support

Our society has changed and we are now expected to parent alone. And yet that is not how we evolved to parent and the lack of support that families, and in particular, moms have is hurting everyone. It's not just financial, but practically and emotionally as well.