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Our society – heck, all societies – have their ideas about how to raise children.  I can go to a bookstore here in Vancouver and find hundreds of books on parenting.  From sleep to feeding to schedules to discipline to all-around philosophies based on someone’s observations of the world, you name it, it’s probably there.  The question I have to ask is: What good does it do us? … [Read more...]

I Thank These People


Since going public asking people to help keep EP going (you can read the whole story here), I admit I feared no one would do anything.  It would have sucked and I would have survived, but I would have re-evaluated.  To my surprise, people did care and did donate and so I would like to put their first name and initial here so that if you cannot donate but appreciate EP … [Read more...]

Guest Post: One Mom’s Elimination Communication Story

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By Celeste Gilman Before my daughter was born, my husband made a comment about it not being necessary to put babies in diapers. I didn't put too much stock in it at the time, but the idea was intriguing and after a while we started looking into it more. We discovered there was an approach to infant elimination called elimination communication. There are some books on the … [Read more...]

Pinky McKay’s Interview With Me


On Wednesday June 10th, I had the honest-to-goodness pleasure of having a long chat with the wonderful Pinky McKay.  We focused on a talk about "happy babies"... listen herein to know what was said and to find out more about the series on Happy Babies :) For example, we spoke of how certain current parenting practices are counter to the evolutionary adaptiveness of babies, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Instinctive Parenting?


By Eileen Joy of Live With Purpose When Tracy reposted my blog from 18 months ago recently on Evolutionary Parenting I was struck by a number of things.  So much has changed since then, and yet so much has stayed the same. Of course that’s true.  My children are older, and so am I, that much is obvious.  However many other things have changed and my views on parenting … [Read more...]

Attachment versus Attachment Parenting

Evolutionary Parenting

By Tracy G. Cassels I’ve had this piece on my mind for quite some time to cover, but it seems the craziness that has erupted over the past week has been my impetus to actually talk about attachment theory versus ‘Attachment Parenting’.  I know others have written on this before, but I’m going to throw my hat in the ring for those who haven’t read on the distinction and hope … [Read more...]

My Attached Child is Not a Bratty Hooligan: Part 1

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By Tracy G. Cassels I recently posted a picture on EP’s facebook wall of myself at the dentist with my daughter.  In the photo, she’s breastfeeding while I was getting my teeth cleaned.  You see, she had an appointment first because she broke a tooth and it was starting to look darker and they managed to get her in with my own appointment and her father’s.  We knew the … [Read more...]

One Step At A Time

Evolutionary Parenting - My Birth Story

By Tracy G. Cassels “The plural of anecdote is not data.” As most of you will know, I’m a firm believer in providing evidence to back any statement.  When I witness campaigns based on anecdotal evidence, it drives me mad.  Hearing people say, “If my story helps change things…” drives me mad, especially when it contradicts the research (anti-co-sleeping campaigns, I’m looking … [Read more...]

Guest Post: How Did I Get Here?

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By Eileen Joy, from Live With Purpose So many AP things that I read start out by saying that they “knew” that they wouldn’t do things in a certain way, they knew that their baby would sleep with them, they knew they would breastfeed past the societal norm and they knew much much more about what they would do and what they couldn’t do. That’s one story. Another story is … [Read more...]

How I Became an Evolutionary Parent

Evolutionary Parenting

By Tracy G. Cassels I have to admit something – I didn’t go into my pregnancy thinking this is how I would parent.  In fact, I didn’t go into my pregnancy thinking much at all about how I would actually parent.  I did, however, go into it with a strong sense of how messed up the whole birthing process had become in Western society and so early on in my pregnancy I focused on … [Read more...]