“Is Breast Really Best?” The Debate Doesn’t End Here…

breastfeeding rocks

A couple weeks ago I came across an academic article[1] stating that the benefits of breastfeeding were overstated using discordant sibling data from a national survey to ‘prove’ the point.  Now, this hadn’t hit the news yet, I took some time to digest the findings and the limitations and figured I’d have time to write it up slowly.  Ha!  Yesterday the proverbial shit hit the … [Read more...]

Lying to Our Children


There’s a new article that seems to be making the rounds, gathering shares and likes, entitled How to Tell a Great Lie as a Parent.  I can first tell you that although the article is about lying to your kids and somehow trying to make positives out of it, it is not in fact a “how-to” guide, which I suppose is good, though not much of an improvement over what it actually … [Read more...]

You Can Thank Cooperating Women for Why We’re Here Today

Yanomami women and children rest in a forest garden, Brazil.

By Tracy G. Cassels An amazing new study is out from three researchers at University of Utah, Harvard, and UC Davis looking at what might have resulted in our human evolution and development to where we are today.  The question comes from the fact that, contrary to our primate ancestors, humans require help to raise their young thanks to our larger brain size.  For years it … [Read more...]

Are Married Parents “Better” Parents?

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By Tracy G. Cassels Yesterday the Alpha Parent wrote a piece entitled “Why Married Parents are Better Parents” (see here).  Needless to say quite a few people got upset by the piece.  It was not a look at married versus single parents though she quickly pointed out that most research shows “two parents are better than one” (we’ll discuss this below too), but rather she … [Read more...]

Cultural Differences in Breastfeeding Talk

me and giselle

By Tracy G. Cassels Remember a year or so ago when the View decided to discuss breastfeeding, specifically the New York initiative of removing the free formula in hospitals? Or when some of them decided that Beyonce breastfeeding in public was a bad call, that it was a "private" moment? Or even when they decided to chime in the infamous TIME cover with Jamie … [Read more...]

Some of the Best Parenting Books

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By Tracy G. Cassels Last week I shared a piece on the worst parenting books out there.  Well, clearly we need to offer an alternative, yes?  I am pleased to share what I believe to be some of the best parenting books on the market.  Is this list all inclusive?  Absolutely not even close!  I was so happy to know how difficult it was to narrow things down.  I try to avoid some … [Read more...]

Five Worst Parenting Books

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By Tracy G. Cassels Parents often find themselves looking for advice on how to raise their kids.  It’s not surprising in a society in which we spend so little time around children that we go into this parenting business with little to no experience.  However, we have to be careful where we seek advice for not all advice is equal.  While there is huge variability in the … [Read more...]

Review: Sage Parenting by Rachel Rainbolt


By Tracy G. Cassels I’ve been reading and reviewing a lot of books lately and I have been lucky to pretty much love them all.  Well, the newest, Sage Parenting by Rachel Rainbolt, is no exception.  Like all the books I find most helpful for parents who follow EP (and who I assume are looking for a bit of science and logic in their parenting reads), Sage Parenting is filled … [Read more...]

Around the Web This Week: Media Literacy

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Media literacy is something all kids need to be aware of.  Sadly it’s something that bombards them daily – even if you don’t have a TV – and they need to be equipped to handle it.  Here are some pieces talking about media literacy, it’s utility, how to implement it, and more. Avoiding Advertising for Kids The influence of advertising on our children is something many … [Read more...]

Around the Week This Week: Being in the Moment

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Sometimes we get so caught up in all the things that we’re supposed to be doing that we forget to be in the moment with our little ones or our friends or our family.  Sometimes the “supposed to”s are work, sometimes it’s trying to capture moments, and sometimes it’s just the day-to-day things that we feel we have to do.  Take a moment to think about the times you’re “in the … [Read more...]