Celebrity Mom: Pink

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By Tracy G. Cassels When I was in high school, my rebellion would be look-based.  I had hair every colour of the rainbow at some point or another, got my couple piercings, a few tattoos, and wore tutus and spiked dog collars when not in school uniform.  Despite my current status of mom clothes, normal hair, some piercings removed, and no new tat in over 10 years, I still have … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom: Beyoncé

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By Tracy G. Cassels I have to admit something.  Contrary to many, many, many people on this planet, I have spent most of the last ten years or so really being annoyed by Beyoncé.  I don’t find she’s that fantastic of a singer (especially compared to women like Whitney Houston, Adele, or Christina Aguilera) and listening to her in interviews just makes me cringe.  In fact, my … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom: Sophia Petrillo


By Tracy G. Cassels Okay, okay, I know that Sophia isn’t real, but that doesn’t stop her from being a bit of an Evolutionary Parent.  I don’t know how many of you watched the Golden Girls when you were younger, but I was an avid fan – the whole family would sit down to watch as it truly was one of those shows both young and old could enjoy (though you certainly get much more … [Read more...]

Celebrity Dad: David Beckham


By Tracy G. Cassels It seems like I always end up with examples of celebrity moms to celebrate and we rarely get news about a dad going out of his way or doing something extra special.  But that’s finally changed with the other half of the couple that helped coin the phrase “too posh to push”.  Weird, eh?  But it seems that times they will change and with that, the couple who … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom: Salma Hayek


By Tracy G. Cassels When it comes to breastfeeding, there is no celebrity parent quite like Salma Hayek.  If you happen to be one of the few people on earth who missed her splash in 2009, Ms. Hayek travelled to Africa (Sierra Leone to be exact) on a goodwill mission for a tetanus-vaccination project.  However, instead of bringing the world’s attention to this particular … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom: Mayim Bialik

Celebrity Mom: Mayim Bialik

By Tracy G. Cassels When you first think of Mayim Bialik, a young chipper Blossom probably comes to mind.  Or if you’re on the younger end, you probably think of Amy Farrah Fowler (my personal favourite of her work).  Or you may think of her as the actress who got a Ph.D. in Neuroscience (and I do believe we can use “the”, not “a” for that category).  What most people are … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom: Kourtney Kardashian


By Tracy G. Cassels Most of the time I find celebrity parents to be some of the worst role models you could ever imagine having.  With millions to spend, they hire nannies to care for their kids while focusing solely on getting their pre-baby body back in time to return to work that usually has them on set for 12 hours a day.  Hardly a great (or even realistic) role model for … [Read more...]