Celebrity Mom: Pink

When you couple that punky attitude (nostalgia for me) with a mom who advocates for and celebrates things like breastfeeding and co-sleeping, well, I’ve got me a girl crush.

Celebrity Mom: Beyoncé

So I’m sure you can imagine how it felt to sit back and watch someone I really didn’t want to like be someone I have to give props to as being a role model in the mom department. It’s a big-ass pill to swallow, but it’s one I’ll gladly take.

Celebrity Mom: Sophia Petrillo

Okay, okay, I know that Sophia isn’t real, but that doesn’t stop her from being a bit of an Evolutionary Parent.

Celebrity Dad: David Beckham

It seems like I always end up with examples of celebrity moms to celebrate and we rarely get news about a dad going out of his way or doing something extra special.

Celebrity Mom: Salma Hayek

When it comes to breastfeeding, there is no celebrity parent quite like Salma Hayek. And it isn't because of her rather enormous breasts, but because while visiting Africa, she stopped and fed a starving African child - and by fed, I mean breastfed.

Celebrity Mom: Mayim Bialik

By Tracy G. Cassels When you first think of Mayim Bialik, a young chipper Blossom probably comes to mind.  Or if you’re on the younger end, you probably think of Amy Farrah Fowler (my personal

Celebrity Mom: Kourtney Kardashian

By Tracy G. Cassels Most of the time I find celebrity parents to be some of the worst role models you could ever imagine having.  With millions to spend, they hire nannies to care for