Review of ‘New Mother’ and Interview with author Allie Chee

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By Tracy G. Cassels I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I got my copy of New Mother: Using a Doula, Midwife, Postpartum Doula, Maid, Cook, or Nanny to Support Healing, Bonding and Growth.  I used a doula and midwife myself for the birth of my daughter and I am ever thankful that I did.  And I personally felt the midwife system here of home visits for 4 … [Read more...]

Motherhood and Art: An Interview with Gioia Albano


By Tracy G. Cassels It was two years ago and I had just written the piece “Bedsharing and SIDS: The Whole Truth” and was searching online for an image that would capture the love and affection found in the bedsharing relationship.  This is when I came across a beautiful blue picture of an art piece of a mother and baby lying peacefully together.  The mother’s arm was … [Read more...]

Pinky McKay’s Interview With Me


On Wednesday June 10th, I had the honest-to-goodness pleasure of having a long chat with the wonderful Pinky McKay.  We focused on a talk about "happy babies"... listen herein to know what was said and to find out more about the series on Happy Babies :) For example, we spoke of how certain current parenting practices are counter to the evolutionary adaptiveness of babies, … [Read more...]

Interview with Darcia Narvaez


Many of you read the Moral Landscapes blog done on Psychology Today by Dr. Darcia Narvaez, Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame.  She regularly writes posts about infant well-being and her most famous post, 'The Dangers of Crying-It-Out', has been viewed over 750,000 times.  I consider myself lucky to be able to write with her (along with other incredibly … [Read more...]

Five Questions with Dr. Helen Ball

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By Tracy G. Cassels Many of you know the name Dr. Helen Ball, but for those of you who don’t, let me give you a brief introduction.  A professor of anthropology at Durham University (in the United Kingdom), Dr. Ball has spent most of her career examining issues surrounding infant sleep and breastfeeding (though you’ll see here that it was not what she intended to do).  Her … [Read more...]

Beyond the Sling: A Conversation with Mayim Bialik

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By Tracy G. Cassels There has been no celebrity quite as outspoken or involved in the Attachment Parenting world as Mayim Bialik.  Not only can you count on seeing her image in any piece on celebrity breastfeeding, but she serves as the celebrity spokesperson for the Holistic Moms Network, a US-based organization focusing on positive parenting, holistic health and nutrition, … [Read more...]