Review: The Gentle Parent: Positive, Practical, Effective Discipline

The Gentle Parent final cover

By Tracy G. Cassels The newest addition to Little Hearts book is a short handbook on discipline.  If you’ve read other Little Hearts books you know the focus is to get right to the heart of the issues in a clear, quick manner and on this note, The Gentle Parent does not disappoint.  If you’ve read Two Thousand Kisses a Day or Whispers Through Time, you know that L.R. Knost … [Read more...]

Around the Web This Week: Halloween

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Halloween is around the corner and there are always things to consider.  What used to be an innocent, fun, and imaginative holiday has become incredibly political, genderized, fearful, and frankly, worrisome.  Here are some pieces in the news that discuss this issue: Agree or not, they are all food for thought!   ‘Sexy’ Costumes for Girls Slammed A children’s advocate … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: ToddlerCalm Book in Canada and USA


Since reading ToddlerCalm myself (you can read the review here) and being totally blown away by it, I have found myself recommending it to parents daily on EP.  Frankly, I think every parent should have a copy and read it before they hit the toddler years, just to be prepared, and then read it again when they run into the usual frustrations.  However, as I doled out this … [Read more...]

Does Your Child Need a Regular Bedtime?

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By Tracy G. Cassels Recently, news reports are making the rounds suggesting that the lack of a set bedtime in children 3 to 7 is associated with greater behavioural problems.  Parents are getting panicked if their child doesn’t go to sleep at the exact same time every night.  Doctors read this and tell families they need to have a schedule (as opposed to a routine).  This … [Read more...]

Homebirth Risks in the News Again


By Tracy G. Cassels The US has a real problem with homebirth and I for one can’t really understand it at all.  It seems that many doctors and hospitals absolutely refuse to believe that homebirths should be happening at all.  That women should not have the choice to deliver their infant at home.  Recently there have been a couple higher-profile studies that have been used to … [Read more...]

Around the Web This Week: Technology and Parenting

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Technology is a hard one with parenting.  As adults we love our gadgets, but we often try to keep them away from our little ones, knowing they aren’t necessarily the greatest for their developing minds.  We see the tantrums that come when kids have the iPad taken away and wonder what it is about those things that turn our sweet children into Gollum.  But like anything, … [Read more...]

Around the Web This Week: Homeschooling

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If you’re planning on homeschooling (or unschooling for that matter or just interested in reading on the topic), or already doing it, you may be interested in the following pieces that I have found this week (even if they weren’t all written this week)… Starting with my own :)   Long Live the Bug! I’m lucky to have a daughter who is absolutely, completely in love … [Read more...]

Review: ToddlerCalm by Sarah Ockwell-Smith


By Tracy G. Cassels Well, this was my initial write-up: If you have a child under five, if you watch children under five, if you have grandchildren under five, or if you just care about children under five… GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS BOOK. I’m not kidding.  Do not wait to pass go, forget the $200, just go get it.  I don’t care what kind of parenting you do, just get it.  … [Read more...]

Texting and Driving

texting driving

By Tracy G. Cassels Often us parents worry about things like stranger kidnappings, airplanes crashing, and other events that are horrific but highly unlikely.  We worry for our children.  And we forget things that are far more common and frankly, more within our control.  Car accidents are often preventable, especially when we start to talk about texting and driving.  As … [Read more...]

Testicles, Testosterone, and Paternal Involvement

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By Tracy G. Cassels Sometimes there’s research that sounds so ridiculous you have to cover it.  Especially when you realize that it’s not so completely ridiculous, and in fact, there may even be some evolutionary theory to it.  Enter the research that came out this week – and was picked up by several news stations – linking the size of men’s testicles to the degree of … [Read more...]