CDC Basically Informs Women That They Are Incompetent

Dear Women of Childbearing Age, We regret to inform you that we have decided that you are no longer competent beings with a brain capable of making decisions about your life and how you live it.

Counting Down the Top Posts of 2015

As 2015 closes out, I count down the top 10 most-viewed posts on EP this year. Interestingly, there wasn't a single topic that stood out, with everything from breastfeeding to sleep to staying-at-home making the list.

How Having A New Baby Has Made Me So Very Angry

Having my baby boy has led to an exponential growth in love in our family, but it has also made me very angry. Not at him or anyone close to us, but at our society that continues to devalue family and children.

How “Abusive” I Can Be

Apparently I can be downright abusive in what I write. At least according to Facebook. I thought I'd share here the pieces that have been flagged as "abusive" by Facebook to highlight the insanity in what is and is not allowed in parenting discourse today.

Guest Post: To End The Judgement We First Need To Go Through It

By not fighting for change, we can just wish away the research and continue to live in the old paradigm forever, still able to believe that we are "good parents". But we can't.

“Bad Science”

Too often the words "bad science" get thrown around when people disagree with a set of findings, but to be "bad" research needs to meet certain criteria. So what is most of the science we read? Is it bad?

I Welcome You to the Mommy Wars

I shared something personal on Facebook, something that could bring out the Mommy Wars in full force. And guess what happened...

“Fed Is Best”

"Fed is Best"... Somewhere along the line, people have decided that simply showing up and doing the very bare minimum is enough to celebrate. I say, "Fuck that."

Do You Know Your Baby?

Knowing your baby can't be done by reading books or hearing what other people think of how to parent. Knowing your baby means spending time with your baby and believing s/he is an individual. All parents need to do this.

Judgment and Justice

Many people equate judgment with something bad. Yet without judgment, we would have no justice and no sense of morality. How do we accept and work with judgment when we hold it in such low regard?