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I acknowledge that a lot of what I write is rather heavy to digest.  These often aren't fluff pieces here that you share for fun.  Sometimes I get emails or comments from people telling me they basically couldn't finish the piece for lack of figuring out what the heck was going on.  So I thought I'd have a little fun with what I do and see how truly awkward my articles could … [Read more...]

Sleep Training IS A Feminist Issue (Just Not in the Way You Think)

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To read the piece in German, click here thanks to Nora Imlau! There’s a piece making the rounds claiming that sleep training is a feminist issue.  In a nutshell, the author argues that because women disproportionately handle night time care (and the associated sleeplessness), that we need to support sleep training (specifically extinction methods like cry-it-out and … [Read more...]

Risky Parenting


There’s a lot of discussion about risk these days, especially in the realm of parenting.  More specifically, there’s a massive backlash against any perceived risk that parents might take with the life of their child.  We can see it in comments about formula feeding, bedsharing, switching a car seat to forward facing at one year, sleep training, daycare, leaving a child … [Read more...]

“I’m an overly-educated stay-at-home mom”


Last week I was at a party with my daughter for a friend’s daughter.  We were classmates together in graduate school, obtaining our M.A.s in Clinical Psychology together and while I switched over to the Developmental program for my Ph.D., she stayed in Clinical for a couple years before leaving the program when she had her first child. Her choice wasn’t that she truly wanted … [Read more...]

Memes, the Mommy Wars, and Context

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I find the whole Mommy Wars thing to be kind of a joke, to be honest.  I find that most people are reading judgment and shame into things when they simply aren’t there.  For example, if I tell someone I won’t wear a nursing cover, somehow it’s suggestive that they are “bad” for wearing one.  If I write a piece on breastfeeding or co-sleeping or being against the promotion of … [Read more...]

Vinegar, Honey, and the Message

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You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. It makes sense if you’re a fly, but humans?  It’s used often in parenting discussions, with many actively arguing that too many people are turning others off a certain ideal because of the way they present it.  Lactivists are hurting the breastfeeding cause because they're "shaming" mothers who aren't breastfeeding or … [Read more...]

Practising What We Preach

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Since starting Evolutionary Parenting, I have been blessed to meet some truly wonderful people who, like me, are passionate about helping families looking for a path in parenting that is so different from what our mainstream society tells us we ought to do.  I don’t think people realize how hard it is to consistently be faced with the backlash of sharing information or trying … [Read more...]

It’s Not About You


Story #1 I so wanted a home birth.  To be honest, I never fathomed I’d set foot in a hospital.  My mother had birthed all three of us kids at home, on the third floor of what would be my family home for nearly 30 years, with a midwife.  This was just how birth was done in my mind.  I hate hospitals (always have), I hated the stories I’d heard from too many people about … [Read more...]

Two Years Later

Tracy and Brian's Wedding

Two years ago my life was irrevocably altered.  I stepped off a plane in Toronto ready for a week of celebration for my daughter’s second birthday and my mother’s sixty-first.  I stepped into my dad’s house and was taken aside and told my mother was found dead that morning from a stroke.  Nothing has been the same.  My heart keeps beating, I keep going, but for two years I have … [Read more...]

Evolution, Crying, and the Fallacy of a Different Environment


“Parents used to have to stop their baby crying because if they didn’t, they’d all be eaten by wild animals, but we don’t live in that world anymore so isn’t that a rather outdated way of looking at parenting?” ~ Too many people to count, often in attempts to justify leaving children to cry I have heard the above mentioned time and time and time again.  In our efforts to make … [Read more...]