Research and stats on circumcision, often the kind you aren’t hearing from those pushing you to have it done.

Circumcision, Pain, and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders

A new study found a higher risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in boys who are circumcised. What is the possible mechanism behind this? Are the findings valid?

CHHRP Responds to CDC Circumcision Report

The Children's Health and Human Rights Partnership responds to the CDC's report on routine infant male circumcision. Read here for the response.

Circumcision: You Do What You Know (Video)

Often people justify circumcision because it was done to them or their partner and they are "fine". This ignores both the cultural element and the possibility of defence mechanisms in place from prior trauma. This video may highlight this in an unexpected way.

Male circumcision like vaccination? Um… no.

Circumcision fetishist and advocate claims that male circumcision should be considered on par with childhood vaccination. Actual data disagrees.

Video: Do You Know Why You’re Circumcised?

Do you believe you're circumcised because it's "cleaner" or "safer" or "healthier"? Try again. The answer may surprise you.

The Human Rights and Parent Issue of Circumcision

Today is Blog Action day and the topic is Human Rights. It seems the perfect day to announce on EP that I have taken up a new role: I am now a member of the Advisory Board for the Children’s Health and Human Rights Partnership.

Why You Should Care About Circumcision

Yes, I am one of those people who used to argue that routine infant circumcision was a "personal" (i.e., parental) decision. And then I learned...

Circumcision and STIs: Should We Care?

One of the main arguments now for RIC is that it can reduce STIs. Despite the research being mixed at best and ignoring the complications and known problems with circumcision.

My Pet Peeves: Inflated Statistics

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot fake results. You can omit certain important qualifiers—as they used to do when studying co-sleeping by not examining smoking, drinking, or other risk factors—or take a biased sample, but unless you make up your data, the numbers you get are the numbers that are there.

Circumcision, Science, and Religion: Part 4

The conclusion in the circumcision series. This part includes an analysis of adult versus infant circumcision and some of the religious considerations that must be looked into.