The Power of Napping

toddler sleep

By Tracy G. Cassels There have been quite a few articles in the past year suggesting the almighty importance of sleep.  Which it is.  It’s hugely important.  The problem is that they have been taking modern standards of sleep, including one chunk of sleep at night, looking at outcomes to do with deficits there, and then applying them to all individuals.  As if there really … [Read more...]

An Open Letter on Child Care

child care

This letter appeared in my inbox the other day and I thought it was so wonderful I asked if I could share it.  I have worked in daycares and as a nanny and I've seen some of the things Helen speaks of.  It is so important that we understand how the care we provide for our children either ourselves or via others will impact them for their entire life.  This is a beautiful … [Read more...]

The Effects of Parental Stress: SRCD Research


By Tracy G. Cassels This second piece covering some of the newest research out there in child development will focus on what I have encountered to date on the effects of parental stress on a variety of outcomes.  We all generally know that too much parental stress can be negative for everyone in the family, but let’s look at some of the specifics on how this … [Read more...]

How to Intervene on Behalf of a Child


By Natasha Joseph and Leah Callahan co-founders of Attachment Parents of Lane County Reprinted with permission "We see it everywhere. A tired parent, at the end of a stressful day, loses it - and a child suffers. We'd like to help if we could, but we hesitate. Is it our business to intervene? And if we do, will we embarrass and antagonize the parent, imperiling the child … [Read more...]

Is Post-Partum Depression a Modern Day Problem?


By Tracy G. Cassels Let’s first be clear – we know post-partum depression is a worldwide phenomenon, it exists in developing nations, sometimes at higher rates than in Western ones[1][2].  This shouldn’t be too surprising, though, given that it is more common amongst low-income families even within Western societies[3].  However, what I question is whether or not we can … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Words That I Remember

verbal abuse

By Anonymous Sticks and stones may break my bones, But words can also hurt me. Sticks and stones break only skin, While words are ghosts that haunt me. Pain from words has left its scar On mind and heart that’s tender. Cuts and bruises now have healed, It’s words that I remember. - Unknown *** My early life wasn’t just filled with the ups and downs of living with … [Read more...]

Separation Anxiety Disorder: Not ‘Debunked’ and Very Much Real


By Tracy G. Cassels Recently I came across a blog piece by Chaley-Ann Scott claiming that Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) was debunked.  Now, let me first clarify that I started my degree in a Clinical Psych program, completed my MA in it, before moving to Developmental for my PhD.  I have been trained to look at the DSM (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental … [Read more...]

Tragic Accident or Murder?


By Tracy G. Cassels I recently came across an article in the Guardian on the outcry by American women over the fact that certain pregnant women are facing murder charges for losing their babies in utero[i].  On the surface of it, it sounds outrageous and we should have every right to be furious over what’s going on – it seems like it’s just another attempt of the state to … [Read more...]

Debunking the Myth of Mommy Guilt 2: Taking My Own Advice


By Tracy G. Cassels A couple months ago, I wrote an article on why mommy guilt is actually a good thing (see Debunking the Myth of Mommy Guilt) and while many people seemed to understand and agree about the goodness of guilt, there were others who were adamantly against the idea that guilt can be beneficial.  Reading the article again, I realized part of the problem is that … [Read more...]

Debunking the myth of Mommy Guilt: Why a dose of it is actually a good thing


By Tracy G. Cassels It seems more and more in Western society, women are trying to push for ‘guilt-free parenting’ as a response to the ever popular ‘mommy guilt’ problem.  There are books, blogs, and articles on the topic of mommy guilt, many telling you that no matter what you do, you shouldn’t feel guilty; whatever you choose to do as a parent is valid.  Most of these … [Read more...]