Breastfeeding Aversions

We all know of the usual booby traps and how they are detrimental to women who want to breastfeed, but rarely do we talk about breastfeeding aversion as a problem for women who have tried to breastfeed.

Is Post-Partum Depression a Modern Day Problem?

What I question is whether or not we can consider the high rates of post-partum depression seen around the world a product of our industrial evolution, which is certainly influencing families globally.

Separation Anxiety Disorder: Not ‘Debunked’ and Very Much Real

Recently I came across a blog piece by Chaley-Ann Scott claiming that Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) was debunked. And that is wrong. Here I want to talk about a few of the things that are specific to the blog piece in question, but also some issues that come up around diagnoses more generally.

To Lose A Mother

This was officially the weirdest welcome I’d ever had coming back to Toronto. And then my dad opened his mouth, and for everything, I wish I could go back and make that never happen.

“All that matters is that your child is healthy and happy”

Ever tell someone you were dissatisfied with your birth experience? That it left you feeling lost, unhappy, frustrated, or something worse? And then been told that you were selfish because you had a healthy child and all that should ever matter is that your child is healthy and happy, no matter how he or she came into the world?

Debunking the myth of Mommy Guilt: Why a dose of it is actually a good thing

It seems more and more in Western society, women are trying to push for ‘guilt-free parenting’ as a response to the ever popular ‘mommy guilt’ problem.  There are books, blogs, and articles on the topic