Risky Parenting

We are Risk Averse. We don't even like to acknowledge that we may make choices that increase the risk to our kids. But we all do it. And we need to own it.

“I’m an overly-educated stay-at-home mom”

I was disheartened because her statement about being “overly-educated” implies that somehow being educated and being a stay-at-home parent is incompatible. I don’t know how much she herself feels that, but I know it’s a common view in our society.

Does the “Breastfeeding Contract” Shame Mothers?

A "breastfeeding contract" in BC has hit the news, claiming it shames mothers and increases anxiety. Is it a fair assessment of an information tool?

The Perils of Listening to Idiots

Today I've had enough. I've had enough of the rampant stupidity that permeates popular parenting advice and the asinine conclusions about responsive parenting. So here's what I REALLY think.

Parents’ Advice to New Parents

Parents offer their own words of wisdom to parents everywhere who are entering parenthood and may need a bit of reassurance from those who have been there!

Two Years Later

Some musings on the lesson that I have been forced to learn in the last two years. Pain in this world can be overwhelming and we can feel helpless in the face of it, but we are never truly helpless.

Dear Dr. Christian

One Dr. Christian of Closer Magazine claims not only no benefits to breastfeeding beyond six months, but that full-term breastfeeding can cause harm. I beg to differ.

What Children Don’t “Need” Can Still Help Them

Are you often told that your child doesn't "need" things like being held, breastfeeding, or co-sleeping? Do you find the implication to be that we are somehow harming our children? What if we looked at it differently?

Are Married Parents “Better” Parents?

Are married parents better parents as the Alpha Parent suggests? Or is this a case of some of our other well-known statistical problems...

An Open Letter on Support

To all the parents who seem to be coming out demanding we support all choices as equal, this is for you.