Guest Post: A Baker’s Dozen of Gentle Sleep Aid Attempts & Our Partial Weaning Story

"I am writing this at a pivotal moment in our nursing, sleep, and general parenting relationship with our 20 month old daughter. I always thought I would wait until the story was complete to write this down (when is that really though?), but I find myself hearing the story being written in my head right now at this turning point."

Guest Post: Finding What Works for Sleep

"He would wake after two hours of being in the crib, though he had been sleeping longer stretches while in our bed. I attributed it to him realizing it was a different sleeping environment. Once he would cry, I would put him back in our bed for the rest of the night. I tried it again the next night and the same thing happened. So, we gave up the crib for a while."

Guest Post: Learning To Trust Our Children Through Sleep Struggles

"In some ways, I wish I didn’t have the story to even share, but the fact that it happened can’t be changed and I hope that by sharing, I’ll encourage other families to listen to their instincts and to their babies."

Birth Story: My Natural Cesarean Section

Have you ever heard about or considered a "natural" c-section? Might this be the way to help moms and babies experience early bonding and closeness even without a vaginal birth?

Guest Post: Happy

Do we have a right to be happy? When we aren't, do we have a right to seek support and love? What about our children?

Birth Story: My CBAC & the Practice of Acceptance

Seeing the phrase “MY CBAC” in print can occasionally have the power to be painfully debilitating. I so strongly yearned for a VBAC. Yet, when I search deeply into my own psyche, I am confronted with the fact that I got everything I wanted for my baby out of my CBAC.

Guest Post: One Dad on Being There

A father shares the one main lesson he has learned through the birth and first year of life of his son: That being there is what matters.

Guest Post: One Mom’s Elimination Communication Story

Before my daughter was born, my husband made a comment about it not being necessary to put babies in diapers. I didn't put too much stock in it at the time, but the idea was intriguing and after a while we started looking into it more. We discovered there was an approach to infant elimination called elimination communication.

Birth Story: Kristin from One Organic Mama

VBACs. As much as we talk about them, it can seem that no one you know has successfully had one and so far too many questions are left unanswered. Well, here you are. Kristin from One Organic Mama has shared her VBAC story with us for anyone who wants to know more!

Guest Post: Living with a Reflux Baby

You know what it's like to have a baby that spits up. But what about when that "spitting up" becomes something much more severe? Too many people have false perceptions about reflux and hopefully this story can help others understand what it means to have a baby with reflux.