Birth Story: Kristy and Baby Rainy

The second birth story from mom Kristy in Kansas. For anyone who wonders if you can do it differently the second time around, read this second beautiful home birth story from Kristy!

Birth Story: Kristy and Baby Astra

The first of two birth stories from Kristy in Kansas. Let it be an example of the importance of good support for mom and baby!

Birth Story: Allison

Birth stories are awesome. Twin birth stories? Yeah, I just lost myself in excie

Birth Story: Amie from Kansas

"I was in labor for three days (Thursday around noon until Sunday around noon) from the time I started having regular contractions about half an hour apart to the time our son was born. My contractions were 10-15 minutes apart for all but the first few hours. I had back labor. "

Birth Story – Shawna from Australia

Let me tell you a story about an end and a beginning. This story takes place over a very short period of time, only twelve hours, but being as it was the end of Life As We Knew It, the beginning of Motherhood for me, and the beginning of Life for you, it is a significant one. It's the story of our journey through your coming into this world.

Birth Story: Alex from Adelaide, AU

Another wonderful birth story coming from Australia this time, thanks to Alex over at Alive and Blogging :)

Birth Story: Sam in NZ

A beautiful home birth story from Sam in New Zealand!

Birth Story: Sam from the UK

Another amazing birth story, this time from our Doula friend Sam from Blooming Miracle Doula Services.

Birth Story\: Jennifer from the USA

I'm thrilled to share more birth stories, starting with this beautiful story from Jennifer in the USA about the birth of her little boy Braeden!

Guest Post: My Advice To New Moms (A Poem)

This is the third and final of the poems by Trisha Lawrie and takes the lessons from the first two and builds them into advice for first-time moms (or those looking to change the way they birth).