No, My Child Doesn’t Believe in Santa

'Santa's Portrait' byThomas Nast, published in Harper's Weekly, 1881 The holidays are rolling around and if you live in a Christian-centric culture, chances are you are facing the onslaught of Santa (even though

Evolutionary Mismatch: Is This the Missing Piece to So Many Modern Parenting Problems?

Could the root of many of our parenting woes lie in the evolutionary mismatch theory? New research looking at one example makes a strong case for this.

Guest Post: Attachment-Intellectual Parenting

Attachment parenting is not anti-intellectual, but it is distinctly intellectual. Its proponents are actively thinking about what sort of adults they want to raise them to be. 

How Liberal Feminism and Patriarchy Work Together to Create the Detached Mother

The following is a talk I presented at the 2016 Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement Conference this past October in Toronto, ON on feminism, patriarchy, and mothering.

Guest Post: To End The Judgement We First Need To Go Through It

By not fighting for change, we can just wish away the research and continue to live in the old paradigm forever, still able to believe that we are "good parents". But we can't.

What Makes Gentle Parenting “Gentle”?

"Gentle" parenting or sleep training is making the rounds as an "it" thing, but is all of it actually gentle? Sadly there are too many wolves out there dressed up as sheep and it's up to us to identify the real gentle help from the pretend stuff.

Do You Know Your Baby?

Knowing your baby can't be done by reading books or hearing what other people think of how to parent. Knowing your baby means spending time with your baby and believing s/he is an individual. All parents need to do this.

Guess What? Parents Do Matter to Child Well-Being (and Not Just When They’re Kids)

The debate over how much parents matter to their children's outcomes and well-being is one that has raged for years. New research suggests that our society may be underestimating just the impact us parents can have.

Risky Parenting

We are Risk Averse. We don't even like to acknowledge that we may make choices that increase the risk to our kids. But we all do it. And we need to own it.

“I’m an overly-educated stay-at-home mom”

I was disheartened because her statement about being “overly-educated” implies that somehow being educated and being a stay-at-home parent is incompatible. I don’t know how much she herself feels that, but I know it’s a common view in our society.