Setting Boundaries


Setting boundaries is one of the more difficult things we do as parents. Not only because it's hard to say no to those we love, but also because it's complicated to know what constitutes a healthy boundary and what is unhealthy for our kids.

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Creating “Bad” Habits?


Used to being told you're creating "bad habits" by doing things like nurse your child to sleep or respond to their cries? If so, this post is for you - I won't tell you to change these behaviours, but rather to look at them as they are: biologically normal.

Creating “Bad” Habits?2019-03-28T22:24:03-04:00

Evolutionary Parenting: Where History and Science Meet Parenting


Here is a summary of what Evolutionary Parenting stands for. In short, it’s the idea that the way in which we as humans (and other mammals) have parented over hundreds of thousands of years (i.e., the way we’ve EVOLVED to parent) is intricately related to the well-being of our children.

Evolutionary Parenting: Where History and Science Meet Parenting2019-03-28T22:24:03-04:00

My Problems with RIE


RIE is a parenting philosophy espoused by Magda Gerber. With a wonderful focus on respect for an infant, it's surprising that some people still feel "off" about the theory as a whole. This is my take on the problems within RIE and why I find it "lacking".

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