Five Reasons to Wear Your Baby


This piece was originally published as a guest post on the Ergo Baby Blog, which you can visit here.  For my review of the Ergo Carrier, see here. By Tracy Cassels It seems that in many Western societies, one of the first things people do when they find out they’re expecting is to look at strollers, baby carriers, bassinets, anything that will hold your child for you.  And … [Read more...]

Review: Original Ergo Carrier


By Tracy G. Cassels There are lots of infant carriers on the market, but there are certain things that distinguish them and make comparisons almost impossible.  For example, while some wraps can be used easily inside and out, some carriers really seem designed for outside use.  The Ergo falls into this category.  As such, I won’t compare it to a woven wrap or a Moby as we’re … [Read more...]

My Unexpected Consequence of Babywearing

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By Tracy G. Cassels It was spring – April or May – and I was out for a walk with my daughter to the grocery store.  We passed by a house when I noticed it.  My daughter noticed too and wanted to touch.  Between her need and my amazement, I had to stop.  “It” was the budding of these beautiful bright, green, baby leaves on the many shrubs that adorn the blocks I travel on to … [Read more...]

Theseus’ Parenting


By Tracy G. Cassels I was thinking about parenting the other day and then (oddly) starting thinking about the idea of  Theseus’ Ship (in all fairness, not completely random as it was the philosophical basis for my comprehensive exam paper).  For those of you unaware of the story of Theseus and his Ship, let me provide you with a little synopsis: Theseus, the mythical … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

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By Tracy G. Cassels One of the simplest yet most effective aspects of Evolutionary Parenting is baby wearing.  I’m also pleased to say it’s one of the ones making a rather large comeback after years of a stroller monopoly.  These days you walk down the street and see many parents – moms and dads – carrying their babies in bjorn’s, ergo’s, wraps, etc., something that was … [Read more...]