Homebirth Risks in the News Again


All over the news a few weeks ago (I’ve been busy) was news that homebirths increased the risk of an Apgar score of 0 10-fold. Doctors were out in force saying this is why homebirth should not be allowed (really via not allowing midwives to practice homebirth) or ethically promoted. But what does the research really tell us?

Homebirth Risks in the News Again2019-03-28T22:24:10-04:00

Should You Induce Labour?


The question of inductions can be a heated one at times, with proponents of natural birth shunning the idea of artificially inducing something that should happen naturally. We hear comments like, “The baby knows when to come out” and therefore we are wrong to intervene. But is this right?

Should You Induce Labour?2019-03-28T22:24:12-04:00

Failure to Progress: A Discussion on Averages


Sadly it seems far too many people - mothers, doctors, midwives, etc. - either don't understand the averages of labouring and birthing times or downright ignore them. When it comes to birth this can mean far too many women being diagnosed with "failure to progress" and facing numerous (unnecessary) interventions.

Failure to Progress: A Discussion on Averages2019-03-28T22:24:12-04:00

Inductions and Autism


Recently an article made the news which suggested a link between autism and the use of inductions. Herein I take a close look at the article to determine what we can and cannot conclude from the data.

Inductions and Autism2019-03-28T22:24:12-04:00

Why “Delayed” Cord Clamping Should Be the Norm


In today’s modern birthing picture, you finish birthing your baby and the doctor immediately clamps the cord and you wait to expel the placenta before cutting. However, this isn’t actually the norm around the world (though notably there is variability worldwide in clamping practices). Often, mothers engage in what is, in our culture, called “delayed cord clamping” and there’s reason to believe we ought to be changing our norms as well…

Why “Delayed” Cord Clamping Should Be the Norm2019-03-28T22:24:14-04:00

The Vitamin K Shot


There has been speculation amongst some people that the Vitamin K shot is unnecessary and simply one of those painful procedures that is done without really considering the need. So I thought I’d do some research and share with you what I could find on the shot to help you make your educated decision.

The Vitamin K Shot2019-03-28T22:24:14-04:00

Do C-Sections Impair Maternal Responsiveness?


. Herein I’d like to talk about a piece from 2008 that looked at elective c-sections and later maternal responsiveness. Not because I want to cause a stink for those who had a c-section, but because we need to understand the effects of our modern birthing practices on those intimately involved – the mother and the infant.

Do C-Sections Impair Maternal Responsiveness?2019-03-28T22:24:20-04:00