Light Drinking and Pregnancy: A Review of the Research

The emotions surrounding any drinking in pregnancy are strong; however, there is still debate about the risk of light drinking in pregnancy. The current article discusses the research surrounding this topic.

When Pregnancy is Criminal

New research shows us how real and scary the reality is of being a pregnant woman in the United States today. Especially if you are a poor pregnant woman.

Thirty Percent

30% can mean nothing or it can mean a lot. In my case, it was a non-entity, a number I never gave much thought to until June of 2009.

Drinking and Pregnancy: Is One Too Much?

I remember the looks. Sitting down to dinner with my husband at around 7 months pregnant and ordering a glass of wine. No one says anything, but they take that extra second to take it all in, contemplate saying something, and then walk away. But their eyes say it all.