Women’s birth stories from the good to the bad to the beautiful. Homebirth, c-sections, natural hospital births, etc. are all included herein.

Birth Story: Reese and Dahlia

I needed to birth at home. I would go to the hospital if a life-threatening emergency presented itself, but home is where I am most comfortable. Home, to me, is where my baby belonged when he or she emerged into this world.

Birth Story: Emalitza and Ziggy Jay

One woman's wonderful transition to motherhood.

Birth Story: Jenny and Evy

A huge thank you to Jenny for sharing her birth story - an unplanned home birth - with us!

Birth Story: My Natural Cesarean Section

Have you ever heard about or considered a "natural" c-section? Might this be the way to help moms and babies experience early bonding and closeness even without a vaginal birth?

Birth Story: My CBAC & the Practice of Acceptance

Seeing the phrase “MY CBAC” in print can occasionally have the power to be painfully debilitating. I so strongly yearned for a VBAC. Yet, when I search deeply into my own psyche, I am confronted with the fact that I got everything I wanted for my baby out of my CBAC.

Birth Story: Kristin from One Organic Mama

VBACs. As much as we talk about them, it can seem that no one you know has successfully had one and so far too many questions are left unanswered. Well, here you are. Kristin from One Organic Mama has shared her VBAC story with us for anyone who wants to know more!

Birth Story: Kristy and Baby Rainy

The second birth story from mom Kristy in Kansas. For anyone who wonders if you can do it differently the second time around, read this second beautiful home birth story from Kristy!

Birth Story: Kristy and Baby Astra

The first of two birth stories from Kristy in Kansas. Let it be an example of the importance of good support for mom and baby!

Birth Story: Allison

Birth stories are awesome. Twin birth stories? Yeah, I just lost myself in excie

Birth Story: Amie from Kansas

"I was in labor for three days (Thursday around noon until Sunday around noon) from the time I started having regular contractions about half an hour apart to the time our son was born. My contractions were 10-15 minutes apart for all but the first few hours. I had back labor. "