Making Your Bed Safe for Babies


Many families will end up bedsharing at some point without having properly prepared for it. Whatever your plans are, take a moment to review your bed and your situation to ensure that bedsharing is as safe as possible if or when it comes to it.

Making Your Bed Safe for Babies2019-05-30T11:22:13-04:00

Bedsharing With a Premature Baby


It is a common refrain that parents of premature infants should never bedshare. Yet this is not always actively followed given the difficulties of caring for a premature baby who requires regular skin-to-skin contact. This article reviews the research surrounding this with some areas for discussion moving forward.

Bedsharing With a Premature Baby2019-03-28T22:23:42-04:00

Is Daycare Really a SIDS Risk?


Although not widely discussed, some articles and people highlight a relationship between SIDS and starting daycare. This can be terrifying for many families, but we need to look at what we know to know how to respond.

Is Daycare Really a SIDS Risk?2019-03-28T22:23:42-04:00