Bedsharing With a Premature Baby


It is a common refrain that parents of premature infants should never bedshare. Yet this is not always actively followed given the difficulties of caring for a premature baby who requires regular skin-to-skin contact. This article reviews the research surrounding this with some areas for discussion moving forward.

Bedsharing With a Premature Baby2019-03-28T22:23:42-04:00

Is Daycare Really a SIDS Risk?


Although not widely discussed, some articles and people highlight a relationship between SIDS and starting daycare. This can be terrifying for many families, but we need to look at what we know to know how to respond.

Is Daycare Really a SIDS Risk?2019-08-30T13:09:20-04:00

SUID, SIDS, and Poverty: Leaving Bedsharing Out of the Debate


Of late, bedsharing has been the central focus of governmental attempts to reduce the rates of SUID or SIDS in many Western cultures. Drs. Bartick and Tomori change the landscape by taking a syndemic approach to looking at these issues and find bedsharing is not the culprit it has been believed to be.

SUID, SIDS, and Poverty: Leaving Bedsharing Out of the Debate2019-03-28T22:23:42-04:00