“How Dare You Judge Me For Sleep Training!”: Comments and Responses

I get a lot of people angry that I speak out against extinction sleep training because it "worked" for them. I thought I'd start a post that allows me to respond publicly to these criticisms so I don't have to repeat myself over and over.

Worried About How Much Your Child Sleeps? Don’t, According to New Research

Parents often worry that their child isn't getting the magical number of hours of sleep. New research suggests we can ditch the idea that there is a magical number for it doesn't seem to influence outcomes at all.

Understanding the Important Relationship Between Sleep and Feeding Method

Two new pieces of research highlight the intricate relationship between feeding method and sleep in infants, notably how parents perceive their child's sleep. Importantly, there are implications for the idea of building "bad habits" and sleep training.

What Makes Gentle Parenting “Gentle”?

"Gentle" parenting or sleep training is making the rounds as an "it" thing, but is all of it actually gentle? Sadly there are too many wolves out there dressed up as sheep and it's up to us to identify the real gentle help from the pretend stuff.

Toddler “Sleep Problems”: Should We Be Worried?

Recent research suggests that "sleep problems" at 18 months carry a higher risk for later emotional and behavioural problems. What can we take from this research? Is it valid? Does it support things like extinction sleep training?

‘It’s Just a Little Cortisol’: Why Rises in Cortisol Matter to Infant Development

The dismissal of the importance of a rise in cortisol on the developing brain is very popular with extinction sleep training apologists. Although we do not know the exact influences, there are reasons to be cautious of this dismissal, which ignores key evolutionary and biological information.

Sleep Training IS A Feminist Issue (Just Not in the Way You Think)

A piece is making the rounds claiming that sleep training is a feminist issue. I think it is too, just not the way the original author believes.

Distress, Self-Soothing, and Extinction Sleep Training

The premise behind extinction sleep training is that infants (and toddlers) are being taught to "self-soothe"; however, this ignores key points of what self-soothing abilities can be expected from children and how distressed they are at the time of separation. Instead of focusing on these extinction methods, gentler methods that respect where the child is developmentally should be considered.

New Video Tries to Scare Parents Into Not Bedsharing

A new video is making the rounds trying to convince people that bedsharing is dangerous using time-lapsed footage of someone sleeping. Warning: Your head may explode from the stupid in it!

Bedsharing and Formula Feeding

Is it fair to have a blanket statement that formula feeding families cannot bedshare? Do the benefits of bedsharing require us to consider a more nuanced message? What does the research tell us?