Bedsharing and Formula Feeding

Is it fair to have a blanket statement that formula feeding families cannot bedshare? Do the benefits of bedsharing require us to consider a more nuanced message? What does the research tell us?

“Shut the Door and Walk Away”

I feel like sleep trainers are like a mythical monster where every time you cut off one head with science and reason, two more take their place that are even more dangerous than before. In the last few months alone, the media has highlighted this method of locking your child in a room for 12 hours a day under the guise of “helping” your child and a method of sleep training newborns by not feeding them at night.

Bedsharing Beyond Infancy: The Question of Independence

Bedsharing beyond infancy is something that is often looked down upon in our society, with fears of dependent, clingy children being the focus. But what do science, history, and other cultures tell us? Is this fear grounded or simply just that - fear?

Does Bedsharing Cause “Sleep Problems”?

A study in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics has made rounds recently with a bold claim that bedsharing actually harms infant sleep at 18 months by doubling the risk of “sleep problems”.

Plan for “Record-Setting Bedsharing Deaths”? Same Old Thing (And It Doesn’t Work)

Texas is on pace to have a record-setting number of "bedsharing" deaths. Their plan? The same old tired song and dance of telling people how bad it is. Isn't it time we tried something new like sharing information?

How Effective is Controlled Crying? (Hint: Not Very)

Doctors, family, and baby "experts" like to promote cry-it-out and controlled crying as forms of sleep interventions for infants despite protests that it ignores infant communication and stresses parents out. What if, contrary to what parents are told, it also doesn't really work too well?

Does Bedsharing Increase the Risk of Death for Younger Infants?

A new study claims that bedsharing is risky for infants aged 0-3 months, yet their data and analyses offer zero support for such a statement. What did they really look at and what does it really tell us?

Coping with Sleep Deprivation

For new parents, a certain level of sleep deprivation is part of the job description, but how can one stave off the negative effects or at least minimize them?

A Response to Gina Ford’s “Golden Rules”

The Daily Mail summarized Gina Ford's 8 Golden Rules in one of their pieces. I'd like to discuss them all one by one in hopes of showing how these rules need to be amended.

A Response to Gina Ford’s “Golden Rules”

Click here for Rules #1-4 Source: The Daily Mail   Rule #5: Let your baby cry for up to 12 minutes each night before it goes to sleep. Note: Online it says 5-10