Fussy Babies and Later Mental Health Problems: A Discussion

New research suggests that extremely unsettled babies have a much higher risk of mental health problems in childhood. The question is now what we do with this, and I have a few ideas.

What Does It Mean To Be “In Control”?

When we think about being in control, we often think about having children that obey and listen to us no matter what. That would be wrong. Instead it start and ends with our own responses, not our kids.

How to Love Your Child Unconditionally

Many of us know that we're supposed to love our kids unconditionally, but we lack the ideas as to how to do this effectively. Looking at good times, bad times, and every day times, this explores how you can achieve unconditional love for your kids.

Is TV Watching Really So Bad For Kids? Well… It Depends

Screen time is often thought to be associated with negative social outcomes for kids, including aggression, conduct problems, and peer relational problems. New research suggests this may not be so clear cut.

Self-Esteem and Praise: Are We Hurting or Helping?

It is common practice in our society to praise our children to try and build their self-esteem. The question is: does it work? The answer is a resounding no.

Acute Stress Affects Cognition in Infancy

New research examines the effects of acute stress on cognitive functions in infants. Contrary to the idea that "a bit of stress is good for them", this research finds that stress inhibits flexible thinking.

Surviving Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a normal, natural stage for babies, but that doesn't make it any easier on the caregiver. Here are some tips to help parents through this sometimes trying stage.

New Research: Does Solitary Sleep Increase the Risk for Insecure Attachment?

For the majority of human history, we have shared sleep with our infants which has led some researchers to speculate that this is related to the development of secure attachment, but this has yet to be studied... until now. The results may surprise some people.

Empathy and Specialization in the Brain

New research shows how empathy is linked to the specialization of a particular area of the brain. Why is this? What does this mean for parenting more generally?

“My Child Won’t Let Me Comfort!”

Something happens. Your child starts to cry. You expect them to run to your arms as they have all along, but this time something is different. This time they run away from you.