Facing Fears: Avoiding or Changing Fearful Memories

Most parents face the time when their kids show a fear due to a fearful event. What if we could avoid that or change the fears our children already have?

“My Toddler Won’t Listen to Me!”

How many times do you hear parents frustrated that their young child or toddler doesn't listen? What can you do and what can you expect from toddlers when it comes to "listening"?

What Are We Teaching Our Children?

When you think of instilling your child with kindness and empathy, do you think about the various ways we inhibit this development in modern parenting?

Recovering and Moving on from Crying-It-Out

This is for those of you who have gone the cry-it-out route and now regret it. The two biggest questions I'm asked on the topic - have I done irreparable harm and can I fix it? - are discussed herein.

The Thing About Trauma (And Its Relationship to CIO)

Is crying-it-out traumatic for a child? Yes. With this in mind, what does it mean for our promotion of it? Is it short-term pain for long-term gain or should we possibly think a little (okay, a lot) differently?

Distraction, Redirection, and Responsiveness

Here I want to lay out some critical distinctions between what it means to distract, redirect, or respond to a child, what it looks like, and whether or not each method works, according to research.

Guest Post: Friends and Foes in a Baby’s Mind

At what age does your infant morph from a cute and cuddly bundle to the third person in the room; the onlooker who forces you to defer certain conversational topics to a later time when you and your spouse are alone?

What Children Don’t “Need” Can Still Help Them

Are you often told that your child doesn't "need" things like being held, breastfeeding, or co-sleeping? Do you find the implication to be that we are somehow harming our children? What if we looked at it differently?

Lying to Our Children

There’s a new article that seems to be making the rounds, gathering shares and likes, entitled How to Tell a Great Lie as a Parent. I suppose the short version of this post is, "You Can't", but you can read more for details.

Was It Always So Easy?

For those who struggle to be gentle and help their young children through emotionally trying times, but don't seem to be seeing the results, I just have this to say: It's not easy, but it is completely worth it.