“Is She Okay?”: Or Are We Sabotaging Our Children’s Empathy?

We do a lot to try and ensure our children are empathic. And yet, there is one thing I see happen with alarming regularity in our young toddlers that sabotages so much of what we are aiming for.

Reward Charts: What Are They Good For? (Almost) Absolutely Nothing

The idea is that children will receive a reward which will reinforce the behaviour you desire. And not surprisingly it works. When there is a reward, children will work towards that goal, sometimes even harder than they might if there were no reward. So what’s the problem? Isn’t this great?

When I’m Not So Fun to Be Around

After having a crappy day myself and shutting myself in the bedroom because I was ready to scream at everyone and throw whatever I could find out the window, I had to write this. So… how many of these can you relate to?

Bullying, Parenting, and Communication

Our Muddy Boots wrote a wonderful piece on parental bullying, but it opened some questions for some people that I wanted to address here. So here is my extension of OMB's piece.


Consent doesn't begin and end with sex only. It permeates everything that has to do with their bodies and despite our best intentions, as parents we can make mistakes that undermine their sense of bodily rights.

Your Child Will Never…

I have been told by many about all the things my daughter will supposedly never do. From family, friends, and complete strangers. Everyone has an opinion and rarely is it positive.

The Independent Child

Independence. In many Westernized societies it is the end goal of our parenting efforts. We want our children to be independent. But what does that mean?

The “Life Lessons” Fallacy

Why I go crazy when I hear people say they are engaging in specific parenting practices in order to teach their baby/toddler/child about the real world.

Separation Anxiety Disorder: Not ‘Debunked’ and Very Much Real

Recently I came across a blog piece by Chaley-Ann Scott claiming that Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) was debunked. And that is wrong. Here I want to talk about a few of the things that are specific to the blog piece in question, but also some issues that come up around diagnoses more generally.

Big Boys Don’t Cry: What Not To Say To a Crying Child

My experiences led to my husband and I discussing things we’ve heard either while out as parents or as kids and I thought I’d share them here with my own take as to why they are not things I plan on ever saying to my daughter and why I hope you won’t either.