No Stress in Sleep Training: A Response

A reply to a piece suggesting that there are definitely no long-term repercussions of any kind of sleep training and how the research cited doesn't support the claims at all.

Guest Post: Attachment-Intellectual Parenting

Attachment parenting is not anti-intellectual, but it is distinctly intellectual. Its proponents are actively thinking about what sort of adults they want to raise them to be. 

Vaccine Effectiveness “Oversold”?

Contrary to what we have been led to believe all these years, it seems that the public health initiatives to push vaccination may need to be reconsidered...

“Bad Science”

Too often the words "bad science" get thrown around when people disagree with a set of findings, but to be "bad" research needs to meet certain criteria. So what is most of the science we read? Is it bad?

My Pet Peeves: Generalizing Data to the Wrong Group

Headlines are claiming homebirth is as dangerous as letting your child ride in the car without a seatbelt. But the authors use one of my pet peeves to make this claim... generalizing data to those it doesn't apply to.

Failure to Progress: A Discussion on Averages

Sadly it seems far too many people - mothers, doctors, midwives, etc. - either don't understand the averages of labouring and birthing times or downright ignore them. When it comes to birth this can mean far too many women being diagnosed with "failure to progress" and facing numerous (unnecessary) interventions.

Sleep Research and Parenting: What’s Relevant?

New research suggests that poor sleep leads us to be selfish and less grateful to others. What does this mean for parents? Should it mean anything?

Science Misunderstandings Understood

When you write about science articles, there are bound to be some things that people just don’t get. The thing is, it’s hugely important that we do understand what science is saying if we’re going to use it to help people understand the potential outcomes of their parenting choices.