A Critical Look at California’s Bill SB 277

California has passed and signed into law Bill SB 277 which means all children attending daycares or public schools must be fully up-to-date on their vaccines or else face removal from daycare/school. Will this actually help the vaccination problem or is it there to help people feel good about doing "something"?

Vaccine Education Resource Links

Basing decisions on things like vaccination should be done from research and evidence, not fear. Finding sources that provide this information can be hard, but hopefully some of these will help.

The Vitamin K Shot

There has been speculation amongst some people that the Vitamin K shot is unnecessary and simply one of those painful procedures that is done without really considering the need. So I thought I’d do some research and share with you what I could find on the shot to help you make your educated decision.

Why the Vaccine Industry needs a new PR Strategy

My take on the all-too-common statements that research into vaccines isn't necessary and that the request for it is "stupid".

Breastfeeding and Vaccines

Is it really possible that how we feed our kids can affect how our body responds to a vaccine? Turns out the answer is ‘yes’ and below I’ve outlined the research on the matter for the most common childhood vaccines.