By Tracy G. Cassels

When I was in high school, my rebellion would be look-based.  I had hair every colour of the rainbow at some point or another, got my couple piercings, a few tattoos, and wore tutus and spiked dog collars when not in school uniform.  Despite my current status of mom clothes, normal hair, some piercings removed, and no new tat in over 10 years, I still have an affinity for the more rebellious and punk-ish celebs out there.  But when you couple that punky attitude (nostalgia for me) with a mom who advocates for and celebrates things like breastfeeding and co-sleeping, well, I’ve got me a girl crush.

Enter Pink.

For those of you unaware, Pink gave birth to a little girl, Willow in June of 2011 with her husband Corey Hart.  The once hard-partying girl became a mom and it’s fair to say people might question how she’d handle the new role (after all, when you see celebs like Britney Spears parent, you always question).  But in a recent interview with Cosmo, she’s come across as a well-spoken, intelligent, loving, amazing mom, one that I wish was more in the spotlight as a parent given that she’s not your stereotypical one and thus can truly help change what people perceive attachment parenting to be.

“I’ve exorcised a lot of my demons [becoming a mother], but I’m still working on myself.  I think I’ll be a work in progress for the rest of my life”

I love is how she attributes many of her changes to becoming a parent – something many people can relate to – while acknowledging she’s still working on herself.  None of us are perfect and especially in today’s culture where if you practice attachment parenting people seem to accuse you of thinking you’re a perfect mom or better than everyone else, it’s hard to admit that you’re not perfect.  Acknowledging that we’re all works in progress is key to keeping our sanity.  The thing is, you can give your child your best (and his/her best) while still not being perfect.

“[Willow] sleeps in bed with us.  We’re just starting to think about putting her somewhere else, at least for a little while.  Either that, or we’ll have to resort to getting it on in the laundry room.”

Personally I vote for the laundry room.  But seriously – how many celebs (outside of Mayim Bialik) are willing to come out and talk about sex and baby and the bed?  Not many.  And given that this becomes one of the biggest arguments against co-sleeping (once you dispel the myth of it being inherently dangerous), it’s great to see people acknowledge that a) yes, having a baby in bed affects your sex life, but b) you get creative and figure it out.  Laundry room, living room, car, whatever.  If porn were stuck using the bedroom, I don’t think it’d be the multi-billion dollar industry it is today.

“I thought I’d feel like a goddess [during pregnancy].  They sell you on that… like you’ll never feel more feminine.  Really, I just felt like a mess.”

Raise your hand if you can relate.  I admit I had moments of feeling pretty darn great, but way more moments of feeling like a mess.  As much I loved being pregnant because I was in awe of what my body was doing, there was nothing goddess-like about the amount of puking I managed to do.  And yet because our society has decided you’re supposed to be glowing and feel wonderful when pregnant, rarely do people admit that it can feel like crap.  Especially people that are supposed to be together and beautiful all the time.

And outside of this interview, Pink has tweeted on the recent attachment parenting hoopla brought on by those idiots at Time:

 “I support attachment parenting 100%… And have a very happy and healthy little girl to show for it.  It’s time we support what’s healthy (breastfeeding) instead of judge it.”

Need I say anything else about that one?

For a woman who I think many would have questioned as mother (rightfully or wrongly), Pink has become one of my favourite celebrity moms.  She is outspoken, intelligent, loving, open, and one of those celeb moms I truly hope influences our younger generation.  She may not be perfect, but she is doing one helluva job in the spotlight.

Now if only she’d do that kids album…

“My life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes.  Now it’s snot, tears, and the colour of poop.  I do miss the whiskey though!”