“Her kind, gentle and science-based approach was exactly what I was looking for. She helped me reshape my expectations around infant sleep and I’ve been so relaxed about it since!”
Chelsea from New Zealand
“Her approach was responsive to my baby’s needs and I felt like his wellbeing was put first and foremost when she offered her suggestions.”
Camilla from the USA
“Tracy taught me the importance of listening to your maternal instincts which can be hard to do for a new mum lacking in confidence that she’s doing everything right.”
LK from the UK
“We wouldn’t have managed this challenging time without Tracy’s support and assistance, and I still refer to Evolutionary Parenting whenever I need some guidance.”
Melissa from Australia
“[Tracy] listens and takes all the various aspect of my daughter’s life into account and was able to prescribe the perfect plan for dealing my concern(s) at each time. I am beyond grateful for her insight and support.”
Meng from Canada
“Tracy teaches us how to work with a baby’s natural rhythm to help her sleep better. Tracy also taught us how to identify our baby’s specific needs, which has also helped her to sleep better… I only wish I had found Tracy sooner!”
Amy from the USA

Dear Families,

In today’s society, it can be hard to find the kind of help you need when you’re parenting in ways that counter modern expectations.  Many parents find themselves feeling confused, alone, and like they are failing the very little people they are entrusted to care for.  This is especially common when it comes to areas where we have a biological-societal mismatch, like infant or toddler sleep expectations or behavioural expectations.  When society expects things that don’t match what our children are biological made for, problems arise.  When parents seek help, society’s answers are often of the type that aren’t respectful of the child and this counters what many parents feel in their gut and hope to do as parents.

This is where I come in.  For the past few years, I have been consulting with families one-on-one to help them navigate some of the parenting decisions that are commonly face in our modern world.  What is consulting?  It is not therapy nor is it any type of prescription for what you must do, but rather a way to talk through issues and get the perspective of someone with a certain type of expertise.  In my case, I offer an understanding of what is biologically normal and what the current research actually supports and I use this knowledge to help you work through your situation.  At no point are you forced to follow any suggestion and my goal is to work with you where you’re comfortable.  Importantly, I know that each child and family is unique and so there’s no cookie-cutter approaches, but rather a unique look at your life and your goals and how we can achieve those in a respectful manner.  At the end of the day, though, like any consultant, I’m there simply to provide you with ideas and options that I believe will be beneficial.  What you choose to do is entirely up to you.

You will see below that I have divided the options into regular consulting or “sleep coaching”.  I have separated out sleep as an alternate and even used the term “coaching”.  This is intentional.  Through the years, I have found that sleep requires more discussion to break down some of the more erroneously-held beliefs and more time to work with families to find situations that work for them.  I also need the time to truly try and rule out problems that can affect a child’s sleep, but are often overlooked.  In this sense, there’s more coaching families on how to think about think about their child’s sleep, what healthy sleep habits look like from a biological perspective, and how to find solutions that work for an entire family.  This means the package is bigger and longer than a one-off consultation.

Whatever you choose, we can always amend later if you find you need more or less support than you initially thought.

Tracy Cassels, PhD


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