Please read the following first before emailing (email at the bottom):

If you are writing with a question about your own situation, please know I do not answer questions about individual situations.  The time it takes to give a proper answer is too great and so I recommend families look at the posts that are available for free for general information and if more is needed, look at the consultation services available.

If you are writing about a review of a product, please know that I will require an item in order to do a review.  The timing of when a review would be up and posted would be determined on a case-by-case basis (with books taking the longest).

If you are writing about submitting a guest post, I do not accept generic guest posts.  I accept posts from experts in the field on topics that are highly pertinent to Evolutionary Parenting.  I also accept and encourage individual stories pertaining to parenting as I believe hearing the struggles and situations of others can help many families feel empowered in their own decisions.  All generic requests will be deleted without further contact.

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