Below are the various events (e.g., webinars, talks, special occasions) for the current and upcoming months.

October 2016

Conference: Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement
Toronto, ON, Canada

I am pleased to be speaking at the MIRCI 20th Anniversary Conference on the topic of feminism and mothering.  Specifically, the title of my talk is “xxx” and the abstract is as follows:

Feminism has made great gains for women over the past century, particularly in the economic realm.  Currently over 60% of mothers are employed in Canada, and though their role as employee is viewed with value, their role as mother continues to be devalued.  This devaluation has resulted in many difficulties for mothers, ranging from the economic problems associated with childcare to fighting the concept of “idealized” mother, but one area that is often overlooked in this discussion is the effect of patriarchy on the parenting practices promoted in society.  In patriarchal feminism, the focus becomes how to detach mother and child from each other to benefit the workforce with parenting practices reflecting this detachment.  This leads to dissatisfaction with the mothering experience, replacing what should be confidence with frustration and joy with anxiety as mothers are told to ignore their instincts in favour of these detached practices.  In this talk, I discuss how patriarchal feminism shapes the practices in our society, why these are harmful to mothers and children, and how a feminism that embraces the feminine and values the core principles of responsiveness, sensitivity, and interdependence which shape much of the feminine experience in mothering is best.

Total running time: Panel is 90 minutes; my talk is 20 minutes

Cost: MIRCI conference registration

Times:  October 16 10:30am-noon (conference runs October 14-16)

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Webinar: Welcoming a Sibling

We often take it for granted that our children will rebel or become jealous with the arrival of a new sibling.  That attention they are used to getting suddenly dries up as this new little being takes up so much of our time and energy.  This jealousy and anger at a new sibling not only goes against what we want for our kids (to love one another) but also can make parenting in the early months after a new arrival that much harder.

In this webinar, I will talk about various ways to ease the transition for our children both before the arrival of a new sibling and after for our children of different ages.  I am aware that younger children will require a different type of response than older children, but no matter the age, we can hopefully find ways to help our kids adjust to a new reality of shared space with love, compassion, and empathy.

Total running time: 60 minutes (45 min presentation + 15 min of questions)

Cost: $20 per person

Times:  October 22nd at 9pm EDT and October 23rd at noon EDT (please check your own local times).  Two times are offered to hopefully meet the needs of people around the world.  The Saturday night time for me is Sunday for those in Australia and NZ (and also earlier evening for those on the West Coast and in Hawaii) while Sunday is better suited for those in Europe who would be later in the day Sunday.

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