Trisha Lawrie has kindly shared three incredibly powerful poems regarding birth and I am thrilled to share them.  I feel they speak to so much that we speak of on EP and give voice to experiences that, sadly, far too many women experience during the birth process.  Though “enjoy” isn’t quite the right word, I hope you find these as moving and powerful as I have.  This is the third and final of the poems (you can read the first here and the second here) and takes the lessons from the first two and builds them into advice for first-time moms (or those looking to change the way they birth).

By Trisha Lawrie


Know peace through your pregnancy, do not stress out

so the baby will know what “relax” is about.


Get ready for birth, read all that you can

Repeat all your wishes again and again.


Talk to your baby, tell them your plans

Whisper all day:  “we can, yes, we can.”


Think about where you’ll feel safe with your womb

Is it with all the docs?  Is it in your bedroom?


Sit back and just wait for your labor to start

Don’t rush out the door, or quickly depart.


Wait for your instinct to tell you, “Let’s go.”

When you quiet your mind, your body will know.


Try to avoid uncalled-for interventions

Even if they are done with the best of intentions.


Work with your labor and never sit still

When a rush washes over, try your best to just chill.


Roll on that ball, climb up those stairs

Rotate those hips, stay completely aware.


Make moaning sounds, keep them down low

Do what feels good, go with the flow.


Respect what your body is trying to do

Travel deep in your soul and you’ll see the real you.


Step out of the way and just watch what unfolds

You are out of this world….a thing to behold.


Remember each moment, savor each thing

Marvel at what each new second will bring.


When it comes time to push, push with all of your might

You’ll feel like your body’s about to take flight.



Feel it…intense….as the baby comes down

Welcome the burn as she’s starting to crown.


Reach down and touch….take a look at that hair

You’re close to the finish!  My god, she’s right there!


Just a few minutes more, and your marathon’s raced

Only one more good push and you’ll see that sweet face.


Allow yourself now just to say, “I have done it!”

You climbed to the top….now you sit at the summit.


Your greatest reward’s in the crux of your arm

You survived it together…calm after the storm.


Enjoy it now, Mama…hold that baby so tight

Keep her right to you with all of your might.


Allow love to grow in these few precious minutes

The bounds of this bliss will never know limits.


Put the baby to breast and feel the first feed

Look in her eyes at the love and the need.


No one can know what you feel for this child

But it’s heavy, intense…it runs free and it’s wild.


Birth is the gateway, the start, the premiere…

Let’s bow down in reverence, not cower in fear.


Mama, learn what you can, keep your eyes open wide….

Then hold onto your hat for one helluva ride!