Individualized Parenting Help

Parenting is hard.  I would argue it’s not supposed to be nearly as hard as it is in our modern society, but thanks to societal expectations and pressure, there’s no getting around how hard it is.  Many parents struggle with either feeling overwhelmed by the experience of parenting (especially if they have more than one child) and some just aren’t sure how to approach various issues (like sleep problems, discipline, welcoming a sibling, and so on) and that’s what I’m here for.  Whether it’s a one-off call to address a particular issue, a sleep package to focus on your family’s sleep needs, or more in-depth work to help you find your feet again, I offer services that are designed to help you be the parent you want to be.

Please know that I will NEVER promote any form of first-wave behaviourist methods like sleep training or spanking.  My approach is gentle and backed by science (whenever possible – some things just haven’t been studied).  I will refer you to other professionals if I feel it’s necessary and will work with you as long as you need it to achieve what you are looking for.  However, I must be clear that you are responsible for the action part of this.  I can only provide ideas, if you choose not to implement them I promise I won’t be hurt, but that will affect how things go moving forward.

Just click on the + next to the type of service you are interested in to find out more about it.

One-time consultations can be done over a broad range of issues and are a perfect solution for most topics.  You have the choice to conduct a consultation via Skype, phone, or email and includes:

  • A 75-minute session to review your situation and devise a plan (if email is selected, this will be done over email)
  • A brief (1-2 page) summary of what was discussed, and
  • Two (2) weeks of email follow-up.

If you want to extend the email follow-up by another 2 weeks, you can select that as an option.

Cost is $250 Cdn ($50 Cdn for the email follow-up)

If you are looking specifically for help with sleep and want some assistance with follow-through, I offer a sleep package to meet these needs.  In this package, you receive:

  • Three calls to go over your goals, the background, and to develop and review our plans (the first is 75 min and the other two are 45 min),
  • A written sleep plan devised by me (provided within a week of our initial call), and
  • WhatsApp or email follow-up in between calls and for two weeks after the final call.

Cost is $445 Cdn

Sometimes I find that there isn’t really one small problem that needs to be addressed, but rather that one problem has larger impacts on the family as a whole.  For example, sleep problems affect the entire family and can result in discord between parents as well as difficulties in functioning and with siblings.  Because of this, some people need not just some quick advice, but ongoing support for a period of time to best understand the situation as a whole, work on meeting everyone’s needs, and help implement any changes.  It’s also nice to have someone there for you on a regular basis when you’re going through a hard time.

Because of this, I do often work with families on a longer-term basis in order to address these issues; however, what that timing looks like often varies family-to-family.  It may be weekly calls or just a set number of calls booked ahead over a 2 or 3 month period to see you through a transition.  Whatever it is, I am open to discussing what your needs are and how we can best address them.  If you are interested in this package, I ask that you sign up for a 15-min call (below) so we can make sure we are a fit and iron out the details of what kind of package you’re looking for.

Cost is variable (depends on the plan you need)

If you aren’t sure about a consultation or you’re interested in a personalized package, please sign up below for the 15-min freebie call just to see if we are a match.  I will not be offering assistance in these calls, but rather it’s a chance for us to speak, see if you like my approach, and decide what steps forward may make the most sense.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at