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Science and Sleep Training: The Hidden Truth - eLearning Module

Recognized for 3 ACM CPD points & 3 L CERPs

Available online from the 1st May to 31st December 2020. You have 1 month to complete your module from the date you register.  If necessary you may get another month extension upon request. This e-learning module  focuses on providing a comprehensive examination of the science surrounding the claims being made for sleep training. For professionals who work with families with young children in any capacity, understanding the messaging that is being given and what the research is to back up these claims is necessary to provide the most comprehensive and evidence-based recommendations. This e-learning module includes:
  • Presentation video by Tracy Cassels, PhD
  • Multiple choice quiz: based on watching the Videos and reading the downloadable Video notes.
  • 28 pages of supplemental downloadable reading material
  • Access to members Facebook discussion page
For more information see the full description below. Please note that the module was created by Tracy Cassels, PhD of Evolutionary Parenting, but is being run through Breastfeeding Conferences Australia in order to facilitate the acquisition of continuing education credits.  When you click 'Register Here' you will be taken to Breastfeeding Conferences Australia in order to register there.