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    Most parents are not prepared for raising a high-needs or orchid child and even less prepared for how harsh our culture can be for these sensitive children.  Contrary to modern advice to toughen up our kids to face the harsh world, these children require a much more gentle and supportive hand if they are to thrive, just as the orchid requires extensive care to grow into the beautiful flower it is.  Although orchid children are at higher risk for some negative outcomes, this is tempered by the fact that when they are given the right environment and the right support, they actually do better than those children who are more resilient at the start.  The goal for this 4-week course is to help you create that environment and provide that support in a culture that is working against you.  As always, the course comes with office hours to help individualize the information to your child and situation.  For more details, you can read the longer description below. Format: Written and streaming audio link (link will be provided in each email and will be a reading of the written content) and 1 one-on-one  30-min "office hours" with me (you can add-on additional sessions if you'd like).
  • Please note that all prices are billed in Canadian dollars.  You can see what this is in your currency using the currency converter here.

    At the heart of this covid 19 crisis is uncertainty and stress.  Too many families are facing too many unknowns; our parenting is struggling as we ourselves are struggling.  Though I have some free options available for families, I know sometimes more personalized help is needed and needed more cheaply than what a typical consultation might look like.  As such I have decided to open up the one-on-one sessions that come with the courses to anyone needing to chat during this time about any parenting issue and stress they are facing (yes, we can talk about sleep!). These one-on-one sessions take place via Zoom and are 30-min in length.  There is no formal report or longer-term email follow-up, but during this time we can go over your concerns and help devise a plan to get you through this particular crisis.  You are also welcome to purchase two sessions and we can put them back-to-back if you feel you need more time to go over your situation. Once you register you will receive a link to a scheduler.  If no time works for you, just send me an email (tracy@evolutionaryparenting.com) and we will make it work.  I have yet to find it impossible to find time to speak to any client (unless they have chosen to interact via email instead which can also be a possibility if you need it). Format:  Zoom (you will receive login information when you schedule) Time:  30 minute one-on-one session
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  • Sometimes we don't think we need more help than we do.  Despite the amount of readings or audio in each course, many people find the one-on-one time more valuable in terms of talking through the various issues they face.  Not all solutions have a simple answer and having someone to help you through them can be invaluable.  However, not everyone will know they need this help ahead of time.  For this reason, I have created this option to purchase additional office hours for any course that you are taking or may have taken, even if it's after the fact - I always welcome helping people at any time.
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